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Top 5: designing and upgrading the modern home

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One of the most frequently asked questions for us here at homify is Where do you even start when it comes to designing a home?–or better yet What's the best way to upgrade my home without depleting my bank account? As home and living specialists, we welcome these questions and are always ready with answers. 

Our Top 5 segment today is all about how you can design and upgrade your modern home. We know starting points can be the most difficult, so we have some great suggestions on just how to begin even the biggest design project. And because we realise this isn't the case for everyone, we've also included cheap and easy ways to upgrade your space. Get ready to have all your questions answered!

11 pictures of a very small house with a big surprise

To start off, we want to focus on the exterior, and though this one seems quite humble on the outside, it's mind-blowing on the inside. One thing to think about when designing a home is the impact of your exterior. Do you want something friendly and simple? Or are you a fan of the ornate that draws in a large crowd? Either way, first impressions start at the door. This small abode makes its mark on the world with neutral colours and clean lines, which are ideal for the modern home.

If you're curious about this home's big surprise, then you can discover it for yourself by taking the full tour.

Designing a beautiful home from start to finish

Now for the interior, which is more difficult to tackle. If you're starting your home design from scratch, don't worry–we've got you covered with this home. The finished result of this living room comes from careful planning using 3D modeling and moodboards. With these tools, you can use the exact dimensions of your home to find the perfect fir for all of your furnishings. And with a moodboard, your design schemes and colours are all at your fingertips ready to be chosen.

To find out more about how our professionals dive into their design process, check out the rest of this beautiful home, complete with plans.

Living in a modern and comfortable house

The floor plan of your home is the basis of everything, especially when you have an open plan design like the home we see here. We love this living room not only because of the perfect arrangement of furnishings, but also for the visual separation of spaces. When you're designing your home, using things like carpets and low-lying room dividers can make all the difference when it comes to defining areas.

The rest of this modern and comfortable home is just one click away.

11 window grilles that are beautiful and protect your home

Now let's get to a few upgrades. Although this design airs on the side of vintage, they are more than welcome in the modern home. What are we talking about? The window grills, of course! Anyone living in an urban area should think about this installment, as crowded cities breed unwanted crime. But with this addition, you can rest easy knowing cast iron bars are there to protect your loved ones and your prized possessions. And with this design, you're doing it in style.

Browse through the rest of our beautiful window grills for even more ideas.

Cheap'n easy home upgrades

Built-In Fridge and Pantry STUDIO Z Modern style kitchen White

Built-In Fridge and Pantry


Home upgrades aren't complete without a total overhaul of all of your appliances. One thing in particular to keep an eye on is your kitchen equipment. We always suggest that you get machinery that functions at its best, but if you have an older piece of equipment but still want the fresh new look, we have the answer for you. There are special paints on the market you can buy that make your old appliances sparkle like brand in new stainless steel and the result is astounding. No one will ever know it's just a simple coat of paint!

Check out the whole article here to find more cheap and easy home upgrades for different areas of the home.

Did these points give you a good baseline for your home design? We'd love to hear how they've helped below!
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