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The right lighting can make the house a home. But it takes more than a couple of well-positioned floor lights to create a bright and glowing atmosphere. To really transform the interior of your home, you need to think structural, because when it comes to lighting up only windows will make a difference.

Windows might seem like an unchangeable part of your home—surely any kind of restructure would be too costly, time-consuming, and risky? No way—at least, not if you hire the right professional to guide you through the process. Check out these 10 inspiring window styles, and start planning your light revolution…

1. Beautiful bays

Eclectic but classic, elegant living room ZazuDesigns Living room

Eclectic but classic, elegant living room


Bay windows are a classic European style, and they lend an air of elegance to any home. They are laid out in a semi circle, with two smaller windows flanking the largest one in the middle, and let light flood into every corner of the room.

They are the ideal choice for period properties and older houses. However, bay windows are not hugely suitable for homes with low ceilings—they could make the room look old-fashioned and cramped, which is not a risk you want to take.

2. Stunning skylights

Allow a little light in via the ceiling. A skylight will brighten up even the rainiest day, and lets sunlight pour in from new, exciting angles. 

Skylights are maybe a little bit more expensive to install than conventional windows, but the result is totally worth it. They look best in kitchens and bathrooms, but can also be a luxurious addition to a small and cosy bedroom. Nothing beats being able to look up and see the stars at night from the comfort of your own bed!

3. Three of a kind

Light and bright! CC Construction Living room
CC Construction

Light and bright!

CC Construction

Take your inspiration from old colonial homes and install stylish sash windows in your living room. They look classic without being old-fashioned, and allow you to experiment with a mixture of vintage and modern styles.

4. A wall of windows

This home might look like the last word in decadence, but a similar effect can be achieved at home. Open up one wall by replacing bricks and mortar with shiny, cold glass, and be amazed by how bright your home now looks.

Don't even think about trying to DIY a window wall, though—be smart and call in a professional, who can advise you on which walls are safe to replace. You don't want to accidentally demolish a supporting wall and bring down your home!

5. Barely there

A slightly more subtle approach to the window wall, this single pane is great for smaller rooms… or smaller budgets!

If you want your window to be a little more practical, install a simple sliding glass door instead of a pane of glass. This will allow you access to your back garden and patio, while still looking like an invisible wall. Just remember to keep it clean and polished—there's nothing worse than greasy smears on glass.

6. Old-fashioned charm

If you're feeling brave, look to the past for inspiration and design your room around beautiful, medieval style windows. 

After all, your home is your castle, so why wouldn't you want the windows to match?

7. French fancies

French windows are the last word in luxury—they're refined, stylish, and make every home look like a chic Parisian maison

The pros? They make any room look instantly decadent, they allow more light into a room than most kinds of windows, and they are easy to open and shut. And what about the cons? Well, let's be honest, French windows aren't cheap. You'll have to hire a specialist to install them, shell out megabucks for the glass itself, and maintenance will also be costly.

8. Let the light in

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Living room
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

If you live in a high rise or a house surrounded by stunning views, then make the most of it by installing panoramic windows throughout your home—the more, the better!

9. Small and industrial

If knocking through the walls and re-imagining your windows isn't an option, never fear. Stylish windows are still possible—you just need to replace your existing ones, instead.

Give your living room a modern trend-led update by ripping out those boring old windows and replacing them with a rectangular, industrial style like the one featured above. Don't stick with bog standard white, either—match the frames with the colour scheme of the rest of the room.

10. Modern magic

'Wave' design bedroom night stand homify BedroomBedside tables MDF Multicolored

'Wave' design bedroom night stand


These wide, wonderful windows are minimal and unobtrusive, but they make a statement all of their own. Position them behind your bed, as seen here, and discover the joys of a dreamy natural alarm clock every morning.

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Which window would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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