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38 of the most original headboards we've ever seen!

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Sometimes the little overlooked details can have the biggest impact on your home, you just don't realise it! That's certainly the case with headboards for beds. While everyone knows the bed is the focal point of every bedroom, and people often take great care finding the perfect mattress, considering both size and comfort, people rarely consider the effect the headboard has on the rest of the decor. Well today we're going to remedy that with some incredible and original designs for headboards that will show just how beautiful they can be!

While you may take for granted that you will simply get the headboard that goes with your bed, in fact headboards are often standalone items, and can be easily modified or altered to achieve a completely different look. A headboard may be a wall covering that marks where the bed will be positioned, or it may be attached to the bed base, but either way there are all kinds of decorative options that will help your bedroom to stand apart from the rest. Let's take a look!

1. Numbering the beds in the guest room

2. Repurposed doors for a shabby chic look

3. The beautiful colours and textures of woodgrain

4. Wallpaper with mesmerising patterns

5. A cosy recessed nook!

6. Timber with built in bedside tables

8. The classic elegance of a cushioned white headboard

9. A vibrant and colourful sunrise for the kids

10. The simplicity of a classic bed frame

11. Simple frames but with a floating box shelf for decorations

12. A magic headboard floating to the ceiling

13. This entire wall functions as a mysterious indigo headboard

14. Romantic floral patterns in blue

15. Vertical lines matched by hanging lamps

16. Lively red leather against polished concrete

17. Elaborate carvings for an opulent room

18. Matching restored antique beds for a vintage look

19. Mirrors for a light and bright room

20. Recycled wood ties this beautiful room to the past

21. A disassembled piece of antique furniture is turned into a gorgeous mirror and headboard

22. The illusion of an invisible headboard created by a black box shelf

23. A simple green frame matched with dynamic zig-zagging yellow wallpaper

24. An absolutely stunning exotic wood carving

25. An upholstered bed with neutral geometric patterns

26. An oriental arch against post-modern paint splashes

27. A high cushioned headboard on a four poster bed with a tropical background

28. A fun orange headboard stretches across the room, backed by lush plant life

29. High grey cushioned headboard for a dignified and sophisticated look

30. Simple and charming, soft and white!

31. An exciting interplay of shapes and patterns between the headboard and wall decoration

32. A straightforward design to contrast the busy butterfly wallpaper

33. Perfect symmetry with matching artwork and lamps

34. An interior trellis

35. A romantic and intimate poem

36. Hand-drawn art for personal meaning

37. Thatched wicker for a rustic and homely decor

38. A photographic mural paints your life history on the wall

We bet you didn't realise there were quite so many options for beautiful and impactful headboards; time to get decorating! For more fantastic ideas for your bedroom walls head over here!

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