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10 great lighting options for gates

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 You may opt to enclose your home with a wall and gate for security, privacy or even just aesthetics, after all, the right stone wall can look pretty stunning. Either way, it leaves you with the problem of how the light the area.

 A gate, particularly one that’s set far back from the home, will need to be visible at night for practical reasons, but it would also be shame not display any attractive design elements after dark. This begs the question, how best to light the area?

 To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together a list of ten great lighting options for gates. Let’s take a look…

1. Play on the contours of the building

 This intriguing entrance is composed of a number of intersecting jagged shapes, and the lighting has been placed such that it plays off these contours to create emphasis and shadows. In this instance the usual shape of the building plays a large part in creating the effect, but a similar effect could be achieved with plants, pillars or other accessories.

2. Let it shine through a lattice

 Turn your gate or fencing into a decorative design element by shining light through lattice fencing.

3. floor-level floodlights

 Small floodlights placed around a wall can have quite the dramatic effect and give the wall a powerful, imposing look.

4. Simple overhead lighting

 Classic overhead lighting can work just fine, especially if you want to draw attention to the entrance.

5. Combine different options

 Here we have a combination of numbers one and two on our list: light permeates through the fencing while tiny floodlights illuminate the wall.

6. Superb spotlights

 Well-spaced spotlights shining down onto the wall will evenly illuminate the space while creating a dynamic, modern look.

7. Mix it up

 This property entrance by Arbol Architects mixes up the aforementioned style with a combination of downward and upward facing spotlights.

8. Illuminate from the inside

 Using glass in the construction of the wall around the gate allows light from the home to permeate through, reducing the need for extra lighting.

9. Floor-level strip lighting

 For a cool, ultra-modern look opt for floor-level strip lighting around the home’s entrance.

10.  Distribute the light in a pattern

 Fixtures such as those pictured here distribute the light in such a way that creates attractive shapes and patterns on the wall by shining up as well as down.

 Check out these options for lighting your home’s entrance for more illuminating ideas.

Have you got any bright ideas for lighting a property's exterior? If so let us know in the comments below! 

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