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The perfect tile styles for small bathrooms

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Tiles are a much loved material in home decoration and function well in just about every room of the house. They are especially desired in the bathroom, however, and who could disagree? They come with a whirlwind of advantages for your washroom, and we'd be lying out our teeth if we said they weren't stylish. 

When it comes to small bathrooms, tile is one of the best options for you. There are certain designs that work best in this small space, however, and to enlighten you on which tile style is perfect for you, we've gathered a few great examples that are guaranteed to show you your bathroom's hidden potential. Each tile design is stunning in its own right, so no matter which design you choose, you'll drastically improve your tiny space.

Now let's get to it!

1.Mosaic tiles

We're kicking off the list with the glitzy, colourful, and all-around impressive mosaic tile. Mosaic tiles are small–each tile displaying only one colour–but when they're all compiled together, the result is a sparkly, other-worldly, and sophisticated space. 

Because mosaic tiles are so tiny and can be difficult to place, we recommend you DIYers go ahead and call a professional tiler for this job, otherwise you might not get your desired result.

2. Black and white

Of course we're going to include the classic black and white tile in the list. This style has been favoured throughout history, and that's because they go with so many interior design styles and even colours. Take this bathroom as the prime example. A bright yellow sink stand brings character and the bold flavour of life to the room, while the black and white tiles keep things on the cultured side.

3. Patterned

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your love of patterns. This tiny wash room got a boost in style with a more subtle pattern choice, and we say subtle because of the colour palette. Feel free to use as many neutral-coloured tiles as you wish in your small space, but be a little more cautious when adding brighter colours like red or green.

4. Subway tiles

Subway tiles that are actually used in subways aren't all that attractive, but when you bring this design inside the home, it offers something really quite unique. This industrial style bathroom uses subway tiles as its main feature. Sure, the pictures and the cute little lantern add charm, but the added texture from the thick tiles what take centre stage.

5. Medterranean

The flavour of the Mediterranean comes in warm colours like orange and yellow and are delicately balanced with cooling shades like deep, rich blues and contrasting whites. But as we hinted at earlier, with this tile style, you're going to want to take it easy. This one accent wall is just the right amount of wow for this space. Any more, and the bathroom would feel too cramped and confusing.

6. Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles aren't just for floors or outdoor entertainment areas–they're also quite suited for the bathroom. This tile style is great for the industrial lover, and due to their distinct darker shade, they make quite an impression no matter where you use them. One thing to look out for, however, is the amount of natural light you have available. Dark concrete tiles work well here because there's a good balance of light and dark. If you have limited daylight or not enough windows, opt for a lighter variety, like a soft grey.

7. Marble tile

Marble will always be the material of the elite. It's high-end, comes in a variety of swirling and sophisticated hues, and works well with natural materials. Even when used in abundance, the bathroom doesn't feel cramped or busy–instead, we get the sense of true pampering. 

For more ideas on what your small bathroom could benefit from, check out this list of what not to do when decorating it.

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