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8 facades that look amazing after a good renovation

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A house isn't necessarily defined by its facade, but as the first impression it does have a lasting impact on how your home is perceived. For this reason you want your facade to not only look beautiful, but to give people a sense of your own personal style and taste. Unfortunately being exposed to the elements, and the difficulty of maintenance, means it's also one of the first parts of your house to deteriorate, and keeping it looking its best is not always an easy task.

Of course the professionals at homify have never worried about whether a task is easy, and today we're going to prove it. We're looking at 8 homes that had either degenerated to the point of ruin, or had simply become embarrassingly unfashionable, before incredible renovations saw their fortunes reversed. So if your home is looking a little worse for wear and you're worried it's too far gone to save, then take comfort, because what you're about to see will amaze you!

1. Before: seen better days

One thing is clear; this home is losing its battle with the clock. The home has stood up to the elements long enough, and without proper maintenance has become dilapidated to the point where it looks like the whole thing could collapse at any moment.

1. After: a new lease on life

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this renovation is how much of the original structure has been maintained! The basic structure and shape is the same, but the exterior and roof have been completely redone, and now look modern and perhaps more importantly safe, while a new gate built from gorgeous wooden slats gives the home a trendy aesthetic update!

2. Before: a haunted house in the woods

This spooky looking farmhouse could be straight out of a horror film. It looks as if it's been abandoned for decades with shuttered windows, an unkempt yard, and moss slowly taking over the roof. However the natural surroundings are beautiful, so it's no surprise that the owners would want to renovate!

2. After: a modern dream home

What a complete transformation! The front yard has been magicked into a perfectly landscaped garden, complete with a pond, immaculately manicured trees, and an impressive stone retaining wall. As for the home, the original structure is still there, but everything has been completely redone, with the creepy shuttered windows replaced by huge glass sliding doors, skylights and solar panels installed on the redone ceiling, and a large timber entranceway installed that includes a window on the second floor to flood this home with light.

3. Before: a century old

This house had been in the family for over a hundred years, and while its exposed brick is not without its vintage charm, unfortunately that's no substitute for health and safety.

3. After: young again

The key to restoring an old house is to keep as much of the original look in tact as possible, and that's exactly what they've done. By installing a few new windows they have ensured this home gets plenty of sunlight, but the basic structure remains, including the two windows at the top.

4. A new pool

The owners of this home decided they wanted to take advantage of their expansive front yard by installing a pool, and we think you'll agree it was a great decision! The house too has seen massive changes, with the dated and unappealing green colour replaced by a more modern neutral colour palette, and a covered patio being built so that you can enjoy the outdoor area year round.

5. Out with the old

This old colonial style house has long since gone out of fashion, and so the designers have replaced the old windows, straightened out the pitched roof, and expanded the covered garage, resulting in a more contemporary and comfortable home.

6. A new luxury home

Sometimes you're better of just tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch, which is what they've done with this project. The new home is far more expansive, with modern architecture, and a new garden that ensures far more privacy. Where once there was a relic of trends long forgotten, now we have a stunning new luxury home!

7. How did they do it!

When looking at the top picture it's hard to imagine there's anything worth salvaging, but in fact the renovators of this home have managed to use this base structure to create an impressive and opulent tropical mansion!

8. Before: abandoned and neglected

In such a busy urban area it's surprising to see a house so completely dilapidated, but there's definitely a whole lot of potential here, especially in the front yard.

After: a new yard

The brick exterior has been retained, but reinvigorated, with the windows replaced and a new ceiling built in, while a slick timber terrace has been built to make use of the outdoor space. Imagine how beautiful it will be once the garden is complete!

No matter what state your home is in, there's always hope to turn it into a beautiful and modern home! For a more in depth renovation story check out this amazing apartment!

Let us know in the comments which renovation you thought was most impressive!
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