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Staircases that are practical and ideal for your family home

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Is your hallway in need of a makeover? 

Entrance halls and stairwells are often the trickiest part of a home to design. They're often a strange, inconvenient shape, and more often than not they're too narrow for furniture. Also, they're inevitably dominated by one key feature—the staircase. If the stairs in your home are in good shape, it's likely that the rest of your hallway looks presentable, too. However, if the hallway is looking a little bit tatty, it's probably the staircase that's to blame.

Thankfully, fixing this problem doesn't have to be a chore. There are all kinds of ways to jazz up your staircase on any budget—all you need is a little imagination and the expert guidance of a professional. Take a look at our favourites, and be inspired.

1. Literary and light

Book lovers rejoice—this staircase was made just for you! Encourage your family to read by incorporating books into the very design of your home. No child could resist such a colourful selection…

2. Storage space galore

 Corridor & hallway by Chase Furniture
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

If your house could do with a bit of a tidy up, why not use that wasted space underneath your staircase and create the mother of all storage systems? 

This one features a pull-out clothes rail, shelves of shoe storage, and space to store all manner of other odds and ends. Don't clutter up your hallway with a coat rack—hide that outdoor gear away until it needs to be used.

3. Tiny compartments

This simple design might looks minimal and streamlined, but it's more complex than you might first think. Look closer and check out all of those small storage compartments that grow in size as the staircase ascends. 

These little pigeonhole boxes are perfect for storing shoes, toiletries, towels, extra dry foods, and so much more. The best thing about this design is how easy it is to install at home—just ask an expert to draw up a plan!

4. A stylish showcase

We previously touched upon how hard it is to find furniture and decorative elements for a small hallway. 

It can be hard to make such a small, awkward space look stylish, but here's the solution—incorporate a design scheme into the under-stair space! Keep it low-key and stylish, and don't forget to include a pop of greenery to add a breath of life into your home's entrance.

5. Rustic and traditional

Extension & House Renovation SW18 - London:  Corridor & hallway by Diamond Constructions Ltd
Diamond Constructions Ltd

Extension & House Renovation SW18—London

Diamond Constructions Ltd

This classic staircase is as stylish as it is practical. It doesn't take up much space, the banister is functional and unimposing, and the wooden stairs blend seamlessly with the flooring in the living room.

6. Modern and transparent

Floating staircases are a must-have for trendy 21st century homes, but they aren't very family friendly. Kids could injure themselves by falling off the sides, and elderly relatives are likely to have a hard time climbing the stairs without a solid rail to grip onto for support. 

Reconcile your love of design with your desire to keep your family safe by including a tough glass panel banister into the design of your floating staircase. This will keep kids and less-mobile relatives safe without scrimping on style.

7. Vintage va-va-voom

This traditional staircase curves gently around on it's journey to the first floor, leaving a small space underneath for a coat cupboard and a cute vintage dressing table and mirror. It's the perfect space for last minute touch-ups and tweaks before heading out the door.

8. Modern art makes me want to rock out

Be bold with this fancy, space-saving staircase that sits in the living room. Although a steep spiral like this one may not be suitable for families with small children, tweens and teens will love the striking, whimsical design.

9. Sturdy and solid

 Corridor & hallway by Roundhouse Architecture Ltd
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Plot 2 Durward Gardens, Kincardine O'neil, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

This traditional wooden staircase is suitable for families of all ages and abilities. The stairs aren't too steep, the design is solid and safe, and there is a thick carpet which provides warmth and traction for little running feet. 

We love how the colour of the carpet matches the cool grey-blue baroque wallpaper and contrasts with the warm wooden structure of the staircase itself.

10. Cool runnings

 Corridor & hallway by Roger Oates Design
Roger Oates Design

Roger Oates Chatham Mallow stair runner

Roger Oates Design

Though they fell out of vogue for a while, carpet runners are back with a bang, baby! We love the woven colours in this example, which works wonderfully against the all-white minimal backdrop of the rest of the home.

This retro look is more than just a fad, though—the soft carpet that runs up the stairs makes it less likely that family members will slip and fall as they hurry down to the ground floor. Practical and fashionable—what's not to like?

11. Dark wood, darling

This final staircase might be small, but it still manages to maximise it's functionality! Tucked underneath is a retractable shoe rack, which makes tidying up a messy hallway ten time easier than before. No matter the size of your home, every staircase could benefit from a makeover like this one!

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Which one of these staircases would you love to have in your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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