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Ogrodzenia realizacje, Nive Nive Modern style gardens Aluminium/Zinc Grey
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It's absolutely essential for the safety of you and your family that your home is well protected, and the best way to do that is with a fence. While a ten foot impenetrable concrete wall may seem like the safest option, the fact is you want any fence to contribute to the beauty of your home rather than take away from it. With that in mind today we're looking at 26 examples of fences that look amazing, but still serve to keep your home secure.

Whether your main concern is privacy, security, or simply marking the boundary of your property, there's definitely something in here to suit your tastes and needs, and the sheer amount of options available are sure to surprise you. From ornate gates, to steel grilles, to your classic wooden picket fence, they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and you'll find them right here on homify, so join us as we explore them all!

1. Simple horizontal metal fence

Ogrodzenia realizacje, Nive Nive Modern style gardens Aluminium/Zinc Grey Fencing & walls

This first fence is a straightforward design made up of horizontal metal bars, that descend down the gentle slop of the hill in levels. This option is simple and effective.

2. The classic white picket fence

For a charming suburban vibe you can't go past the classic white picket fence! It's a vintage look, but small variations can be made to make it more original, such as the stone pillars used here.

3. Wooden lattice

Another classic look comes in the wooden lattice fence. One of the best features of these fences is the way they interact with the garden, as plants are liable to grow through the gaps, while vines will climb around and up, creating a wall of green!

4. Wrought iron fence

This beautiful wrought iron fence features delicate patterns that contrast with the spear heads that mark the top, keeping out intruders and perching birds alike!

5. Surreal illusions

This fence is like the last, but with a reality bending curvature, and more elaborate decorative elements. The natural colour of the metal shines through and reacts to the sunlight, creating variation and depth.

6. Iron and stone

For something truly sturdy you can combine stone and iron elements like they have here. But this fence isn't just for protection, the swooping curve of the iron bars looks really unique, and finds further expression in the balcony.

7. Unifying motifs

This home uses the same iron patterns to mark the porch, balcony, and even the  lampshade, to tie the aesthetic of the home together.

8. Geometric patterns

Realizacja ogrodzenia 20, Armet Armet Modern style gardens Fencing & walls

This super modern design features an interesting interplay of geometric ideas in the gate and fence posts, while light shimmering metal marks the boundary so as not to obscure the view of the gorgeous facade of this home.

9. Rustic and traditional

Realizacja ogrodzenia 16, Armet Armet Classic style gardens Fencing & walls

This fence is made from pillars and a low retaining wall of rustic stone with iron fencing, while the bottom of the gate features denser metal bars to prevent any unwelcome furry visitors!

10. Interlocking curves

With a simple design of interlocking swooping metal bars this fence is as beautiful as it is sturdy!

11. Opulent mansion gates

Realizacja ogrodzenia 15, Armet Armet

If you want your home to look like a Hollywood mansion then a large iron gate like this is a must!

12. Wood and wicker

This dividing fence uses a timber foundation, and fills in the panels with thatched wicker for an organic and homely look.

13. Glass panels

In order not to obscure your views from the house you may want to consider using glass panels like they have here!

14. Matching the elegance of a beautiful home

Realizacja ogrodzenia 10, Armet Armet Classic style gardens Fencing & walls

Wrought iron fences make a lot of appearances on this list and for good reason, they always look impressive. This one is absolutely magnificent with ornate medallions in the centre. It's truly the only way to match the beauty of this home!

15. Pure white

While black iron fences can look a little intimidating, painting them white will give them a touch of romance and soften the aesthetic.

16. Chocolate wood

A simple fence of wooden slats, but set apart by its deep chocolate colour that perfectly complements the green of the garden, and that adorable shed!

17. A low wooden fence

If you live in a safe neighbourhood and don't have to worry about foxes or rabbits in the garden, then you can focus entirely on matching your fence to the aesthetic of your home like they have here with this low wooden fence with white pillars.

18. Contrasting detail and simplicity

This wrought iron fence contrasts its ornate design against the simplicity of the house for unique visual appeal.

19. Simply gorgeous

This fence features an elaborate design with varied heights for the spearheads, and tiny details that really set it apart.

20. Contemporary wood design

The natural colour of this wooden fence glows against the greenery of the garden, and with a sold base, and a curving design at the top it is practical and appealing.

21. A timber wall

With only tiny slits cut into this timber fence it effectively functions as a wall, while the white colour looks quaint and charming in this colourful garden.

22. Natural picket fence

For a modern twist on the white picket fence, try retaining the natural colour of the timber. It will look especially good if you have a forest of a garden like this home does!

23. Concrete with iron details

The designers of this home have opted to match the fence to the house, building it from solid concrete and using the same colour, but iron has been used for the gates and little details that add visual interest throughout. We just love the triangle motif!

24. Maximum security

This modern home has a fence designed to keep out all intruders, but while it is super secure, the metal grille also allows sunlight into the yard so it doesn't feel dark and oppressive inside.

25. Decorative cinder blocks

This mesmerising variation on the classic cinder block, consisting of a design of circles of varying diameter, let's the light and fresh air in and gives the facade of the home visual interest, but is also sturdy and secure.

26. A postmodern twist on the classic

For a home this ambitious and contemporary in design, it's only natural to feature an equally interesting fence. Here we have the classic stone and iron fence, but the curving iron bars are irregular to match the post-modern aesthetic.

We told you there were a lot of options! For more ideas for the home check out these handy kitchen tips.

Tell us which was your favourite in the comments!

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