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10 pictures of wooden doors you need at home today

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In this book of ideas, we have collected several concepts for wooden doors that could be installed on the interior as well as on the exterior of your house. All designs were developed by our experts at homify and we are sure that you will love every single one of them more than the other. The doors range from being rustic to minimalist and are primarily fabricated from wood, glass, or a combination of both the elements. 

Take a look and choose your favorite…

1. Extended in the interior

2. Glossy panels

These types of doors are perfect for exteriors that have excellent cladding surfaces. In this case, the reflective finish of the glass panels provides a perfect setting to enhance the terracotta wall finish of the building. The symmetrical geometry of the glass panels also imparts a certain lightness to the door, which otherwise would have looked very bulky owing to the large opening size.

3. Etched pattern

On the interiors, doors having glass panels with etched patterns look very trendy. Not only do they provide excellent privacy, their rough texture also adds on to the aesthetics of the surrounding design elements.

4. Sturdy and secure

Sometimes, all we need is a no frills, strong and stocky door to protect our main entrance. This door, fabricated from dark rustic wood looks strong and rugged while at the same time beautifully compliments the exterior terracotta wall finish as well the black granite flooring.

5. For interior spaces

Set within an elegant white-washed wall, this double shutter door exudes a classy minimalist vibe owing to its sleek design and material composition. This type of design not only provides the required privacy but also maintains a certain openness within spaces, thus, making it a perfect fit for common spaces such as the living room or study area.

6. Seperate but connected

At times, we need partitions that provide separation of spaces but at the same time also allow a good visual connect. This double shutter door, with a mix of wooden and glass panels, works wonderfully well to provide protection from external elements while at the same time allows the users the stunning ocean views on the outside.

7. External double door

This house is protected by a double door installation with both the shutters being aesthetically and functionally distinct from each other. The exterior door is composed of wood and glass while the inner door is entirely solid. This way, the setting allows a visual connect as well as natural light in the dining space when the users are in the house while a complete shut down in case the users are away from the house.

View of the entire room

8. Collage of stripes

This door is made interesting by a collage of varying veneer stripes on its surface. The designers have emphasized this feature by maintaining the surroundings neutral in order to enhance the peppy appeal of the door. The entire setting is also made interesting and aesthetically coherent by fabricating the staircase risers with a wooden texture similar to the door shutter.

9. A rustic touch to your entrance

10. Two doors in one, ideal for interiors

11. Combination of materials

This door is designed for a setting in which different textures artistically combine together to give this entrance a very classy look. The door shutter material is also replicated in the frames of the surrounding windows which imparts a nice coherence to the entire building facade. 

12. Door with a character

13. Doors for bedroom closets

14. For a modern touch

Sometimes a simple modification in design leads to exciting results. Rather than holding on to the typical symmetric geometry of wood and glass, this door is composed of asymmetric glass cutouts and a stylish looking angled door handle. Further, the opening is made more interesting by the charming potted plant and the fixed clear glass panels installed on either side of the door shutter.

15. Perfect for small houses!

1. Wood with frosted glass

This combination of dark wood with frosted glass looks traditional while at the same time gives a very modern vibe. What really makes the difference is the prominent wood frame that fits in beautifully within the stone wall to give the door a very solid look.

17. Rustic appeal

Installed in a country-side house, this door looks charmingly simple owing to its old school design. The door shutter has solid wooden panels on the bottom and symmetric glass panels on the top. The design of the door is further made interesting and functional by the thin bamboo lovers installed behind the door.

18. An entrance with a tropical charm

19. Rustic wood for a spectacular façade!

20. Modern elegance

In the best of the houses, it is not one element but the interplay of several elements that really make a difference. What makes this dining space stand apart is the beautiful combination of its cobalt blue wall, the solid dark wooden shutter that compliments the dining table, and the crimson red ceiling lamp that acts as the focal point for the entire setting.

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Which of the door designs did you like the most?
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