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12 tempting fence designs for small houses

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Contemporary Cottage Garden Rustic style gardens by Yorkshire Gardens Rustic
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While fences are a basic component of every home, we tend to think of them in purely practical terms, ignoring the aesthetic contribution they make to the facade of our house. In fact a fence can end up defining our entire perception of a property, either making it feel intimidating and inaccessible, or quaint and sweet. Either way it's important to put proper consideration into your choice of fencing, and today we're going to give you some fantastic examples to inspire that choice.

Fences can be made from a variety of materials each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Stone is by far the sturdiest, and also has a rustic appeal that's hard to beat, but building a stone fence is an expensive undertaking, and also requires far more space than some of the other options. Iron fences can be ornate and beautiful, while timber fences have a quaint suburban charm, but both can be affected by the weather, and will require maintenance and upkeep. Ultimately the choice will come down to what works best for your home, so let's take a look at what's out there!

1. Thin timber slats

This fence is a great idea for maintaining privacy, but still creating a light and bright environment. The sunlight filters through the gaps in the thin slats, and also bounces of the white paint, but the fence still completely obscures the view into the next property.

2. A white terrace

One good approach is to match your fence to the outdoor area. This entire patio and swimming pool is constructed from white timber, with a fence to match. This creates a fantastic monochrome effect that is bright, homely, and fun.

3. Almost invisible

With such beautiful, but also inaccessible surroundings, the main purpose of the fence is to keep furry intruders off your property, in which case an iron fence like this will do nicely. Perhaps the best feature of this fence is that the thin iron rails don't obscure the amazing views the way a more solid fence would, instead becoming almost invisible from a distance.

4. Blending into the environment

Planted border with fence and hedge Minimalist style garden by Barnes Walker Ltd Minimalist
Barnes Walker Ltd

Planted border with fence and hedge

Barnes Walker Ltd

With its dark timber, this fence is as much a part of the visual appeal of the garden as the flowers and trees. The natural colour of the wood blends in with the surrounding greenery, while hedges on the opposite side burst over the top. If you can integrate your fence into the garden like this it will look natural, unforced, and gorgeous!

5. A pallet fence

Small, low maintenance garden Minimalist style garden by Yorkshire Gardens Minimalist Wood Wood effect
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

This is the kind of fence that you can build yourself, doing wonders for your garden budget! By breaking down recycled wooden pallets you will have plenty of timber to construct a simple fence. This fence is sturdy and impenetrable, but the light colour of the wood ensures it doesn't feel too intimidating.

6.Timber on stone

With a low stone retaining wall marking the courtyard of this home, a stunning timber slat fence ensures privacy.

7. Rustic stone fence

Contemporary Cottage Garden Rustic style gardens by Yorkshire Gardens Rustic
Yorkshire Gardens

Contemporary Cottage Garden

Yorkshire Gardens

This incredible fence is built from enormous stones, and looks absolutely magnificent. Stone fences are especially sturdy, and can last for hundreds of years with little to no upkeep, however you will definitely need to get a professional involved, so they tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum. But when you see this fabulous garden that looks like a timeless mountain retreat it's certainly a tempting option!

8. Green lattice

Contemporary Cottage Garden Rustic style gardens by Yorkshire Gardens Rustic
Yorkshire Gardens

Contemporary Cottage Garden

Yorkshire Gardens

For a quaint and charming garden you can't go past wooden lattice fences, and we love the miniature pergola for the gate. You can then paint the fence in whichever colour you choose, but we think this green looks fantastic against the vibrant garden!

9. Accessorising

Sometimes rather than spending money on installing an elaborate fence it's better to go for a simple option like this thin timber slat fence, and then beautify it by surrounding it with decorations and accessories like these adorable shrubs.

10. Contrasting materials

This immaculately manicured garden features walls in three different materials marking different levels and aspects of the garden. The main boundary is set by a majestic brick wall that looks like it has stood for centuries, while timber and concrete have been used for the more contemporary interior fences in an interesting contrast of eras, colours, and materials.

11. A green fence

The boundary of this balcony is marked by a simple steel pipe banister, but they have also lined it with small plants, which when they reach full size will create a living green fence!

12. Vertical timber fence

Perhaps the easiest of all to build is the vertical timber fence. The stakes can be dug into the ground, or suspended from pillars, but either way the humble simplicity of this design means it will look great in any setting.

With so many options available, we're sure you've found something that will work in your home! For more inspiration for the garden, check out this deck being built from scratch!

Let us know which was your favourite in the comments!
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