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9 perfect homes for when you are retired!

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After a busy life working in the city, raising a family, and watching the world dramatically change around us, it's only natural that when it comes to retirement most people dream of a quiet home somewhere in the countryside, where they can spend their time sipping cocktails and catching some rays. If this sounds like you then you're going to love the homes we're looking at today, because these are some of the most picturesque retirement houses we've ever seen.

Once your career is over and the kids have flown the coup priorities change for homeowners, and retirement homes are designed to meet those new needs. For one you no longer need a central location that's convenient for work, meaning you can focus on finding a property that has good weather, beautiful surroundings, and lower rates. Also with the kids gone you probably only need half the space, as maintenance and upkeep on a large family home becomes more tiring. The homes you'll see meet these needs and so much more, so let's take a look!

1. A modern escape

If retirement home makes you think of traditional or old fashioned homes, then you're in for a surprise, because moving out of the city doesn't mean you have to abandon a cosmopolitan sense of style! This trendy home features a mix of classic stone features and a contemporary polished concrete look, for a unique blend of the future and past that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of retirement, because even as you reflect on a life well lived, you've still got plenty of years of enjoyment ahead of you!

2. An adorable cottage with a pool

Though you may be retired, it's still important to keep fit and maintain your health, and it's widely accepted that swimming is one of the best workouts possible for the elderly. For this reason a pool is a wonderful addition to a retirement home, plus once you've swum a few laps you can spend the rest of the day lazing about in the sunshine! The cottage itself is quite small, making maintenance and upkeep a breeze.

3. A single integrated space

One of the main priorities for the retired is to simplify their lives, and this house is the perfect place to do it. Set into a sunny open area and surrounded by sand, this home features giant windows to let in the fresh air, but a covered patio to protect your from the sun. The one storey home has an open plan layout, making cleaning much easier, and creating a social family atmosphere.

4. The perfect home for soaking in the sun

Surrounded by expansive grass plains this home features full wall windows making it the perfect place to soak up the sun. Again we see a blend of traditional stone elements and contemporary design, but this home is really defined by its relationship to the outside spaces, with a stunning courtyard and plenty of places to work on that retirement tan!

5. An ideal country retreat

Set in absolutely gorgeous rolling hills with a dramatic rocky landscape, this home makes the most of its views with an expansive terrace perfect for whiling away the afternoon sipping tea and reading a good book. Despite its classical appearance this home is fitted with all of the latest technology making your life easy, comfortable, and relaxing.

6. Dreaming of a log cabin

Who hasn't dreamed of escaping to a log cabin in the woods? With a social area downstairs and a bedroom that opens up to a covered balcony this house is everything we envisaged, and perhaps the best part about this quaint log cabin is it's actually a prefabricated home, making it as economical as it is appealing.

7. For big families

While for most it's a relief to finally see the kids move out on their own, that doesn't mean we don't miss them! If you're the kind of family that holds big get-togethers for the holidays then an expansive property like this, with plenty of room for the grandkids to run around, and for the adults to recline in the sun, is a fabulous reward for a life well lived.

8. A gorgeous little home

If the last property had you puffing just imagining walking across the massive grounds then this may be a far better option; a small bungalow with a low maintenance dry garden, and a swimming pool!

9. A miniature home

Surrounded by towering trees that shade the house from the beaming sun, this small house may just be the perfect retirement home. It's much smaller than the rest of the homes on this list, meaning cleaning and maintenance would take a fraction of the time and effort, it has a charming vintage aesthetic thanks to the large brick section, tiled roof, and traditional colour palette, and it's surrounded by a lush garden and rejuvenating fresh air.

When it comes to picking the perfect retirement home it all comes down to your needs and desires; you've worked your whole life to get to this point, and now it's time to enjoy it! For some helpful home tips, check out this article on keeping your home sparkling clean!

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