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10 practical petit entrances

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  We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of our homes' entrances, after all, they're the first thing guests see when they visit and therefore where first impressions begin to form.  More importantly, the entrance is the first place we see when we come home and the last thing we see when we leave, so it’s important that we have an attractive entrance space that makes us feel good about our dwellings.

 It’s important that the entrance is practical too; being the first point of entry and the last point of departure it effects how we interact with the home at large. Unfortunately, for many of us the space in our homes is limited, which makes designing a practical entrance particularly difficult, so to help in this endeavour we’ve put together a list of petit but practical entrances that you can take inspiration from. Let’s take a look…

1. Storage increasing space

 The entrance to this contemporary Italian home has stylish little niches that can be used for storage, as well as a floor-to-ceiling cabinet providing practical storage while increasing the feeling of space thanks to its mirrored surface.

2. Space, storage and style

 The first entry on our list of entrances has it all: lots of practical storage, oodles of style and a large mirror that increases the feeling of space.

3. Simple but sublime

 A single spotlight above a simple wooden door makes for a bright, attractive entrance; especially when embellished with spotlights running along the adjacent wall and a little vegetation to adorn the area.

4. Profoundly practical

Under Stairs Storage buss Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage

Under Stairs Storage


 Here the entrance leads directly onto the stairs and a hallway alongside, but thanks to Buss cabinetry specialists these are no ordinary stairs: they double as profoundly practical storage!

5. Elegant in its simplicity

 This simple, narrow doorway has plenty of light thanks to the spotlight above and space enough in the doorway to shelter from the elements.

6. Entrance/library

 It doesn’t get much more practical – or inventive – than turning an entrance into a little library with shelving built into the wall around it.

7. Shoes better storage for your entrance

 Number seven on our list features a pretty fantastic storage solution for shoes: an entire wall of concealed shelving that becomes a mirror when closed! The little bench next to the wall for donning the footwear completes this particularly practical entrance.

8. Shelter and seating

 The entrance may be small, but it still has everything you need with ample light, sheltered seating and even an adjacent BBQ!

9. Not an inch of space is wasted

 This narrow entrance comes from an astonishing apartment of only thirty square metres! The bedroom area that runs over the top of the doorway helps to ensure that not an inch of space is wasted.

10. Making an entrance is important

 The final entry to our list comes from a marginally larger home at thirty-three square metres, but impressively the architects have still managed to find enough space for a relatively sizable entrance! As the home is located in Korea, cultural practices require space designated to properly greet guest and to remove footwear; making this miniature entrance entirely practical.

 Take a look at the whole home; it’s an impressive feat of space management.

Which little entrance did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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