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The Beautiful Bamboo Hostel in the Jungle

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Tropical style study/office by IR arquitectura Tropical
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Bamboo. It’s 100% natural, thrives in diverse climates, grows up to 100 centimeters per day ,and is insanely strong. So why isn’t bamboo used more often in building? While bamboo structures have long been established in Asia and the South Pacific, they’re only just gaining prominence in the rest of the world.

Keeping with this theme, we're bringing you something very exciting today on homify. We're going south, way south, to the beautiful country of Brazil. More specifically, we're going to Morro de São Paulo, and we're going on vacation. We'll be taking a tour of quite possibly the coolest hostel in South America. Today, we're visiting Universo Pol Bamboo Hostel. Although large numbers of tourists don't frequent this beautiful establishment, once you read this, you'll want to pack your bags and tell everyone you know about the amazing structure and the jungle that surrounds it. Created and designed by IR Arquitectura and located inside a natural reserve, Universo Pol Bamboo Hostel is all about being eco friendly.

Let's take a closer look at what makes this hostel so amazing, shall we?

Up in the canopy

One of the first things you notice about Universo Pol Bamboo Hostel is its location, and we don't just mean how it's nestled deep in the jungle. Universo Pol is quite literally a step above the competition, as the hostel itself is positioned above the ground. The project aims to explore a low environmental impact. The reason for this elevation is so the hostel doesn't harm the environment, which they boast in their eco friendly advertisements. Animals of all kinds, including the smallest insects, can move freely underneath the structure to minimize the damaging effects a building can have not only on the environment in general, but specifically the jungle. 

 Additionally, the materials used to create the structure are sustainable, longer lasting, and most importantly, natural, as the entire building is made out of bamboo. Its bamboo structure is an ideal alternative to concrete is often greatly appreciated.

Exquisite and strong

The bamboo used to build Universo Pol is in its size, lightness, and strength an extreme product of nature. It's incredibly stable because of its cavities and extremely light and elastic. The reinforcement by diaphragms and its physical conditions generate enormous superiority compared to other building materials.

IR Architectura combines this ecology and design and really offers a treat for our eyes. As a territorial strategy, Universo Pol uses two kinds of space modules of different sizes, but both developed with the same constructive approach to keep the project small and to limit the damage caused by building. The smallest size unit is three meters by three meters with a 20/20 tread. The larger unit is six meters by six meters, 40/40 and is houses the dining room and multipurpose room. And then there's the roof. The roof is completely covered with a natural insulator that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. 

Small carbon footprint

Even the carbon footprint of the house was measured – a determining factor in the final amount is the origin of materials and construction processes. The impact of building is close to zero, a record for most structures out there. The units were designed to be built mainly in bamboo because bamboo is one of the largest plantations  species in Latin America is located just a few kilometers from the structure. This decision provided an additional opportunity. The construction materials of this type, remarkably, is not commonly used on the island.  This knowledge could represent a highly economical and efficient option of building homes for permanent residents.

Inside, but out

With this sublime housing structure, you can really experience nature without actually stepping foot outside the hostel. There's a tropical atmosphere everywhere, making you will feel like you're on paradise island. As you can see, the kitchen and dining area are practically outdoors, separated only by the built in screens which allow you to cook outdoors without being bothered by insects.

A beautiful dining area

As we can see, there's no shortage of greenery even from within the structure. Using fitted screens as walls, IR Architectura has created the ultimate indoor-but-outdoor atmosphere for their guests. You can sit at the table and admire both flora and fauna. 

The inside of the structure is also fitted entirely with bamboo furniture and storage in an effort to continue with the low environmental impact of building the project. The simplicity adds to the overall charm, as there are hardly any metal, cement, or glass elements to the structure to take away from the nature theme.

Letting the sun in

A gorgeous final touch, and really something to be admired, is the fantastic view of the sky. As if the surrounding screens on the structure and the immediate placement in the jungle wasn't enough to make you feel like you're outside, IR Architectura also created a roof window. With the sun shining gently down on you and the feel of the breeze through the screens, you'll really feel at one with nature without having to actually leave the property. 

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