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A Contemporary Inspired Home and Gallery

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Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd Classic style bedroom
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So often homes are photographed displaying the finesse of the design, without due consideration given to projecting an understanding of how the space may be lived in. In this endearing home, Stefano Tordiglione Design has given priority to personality; allowing design to facilitate life, rather than the other way around. The home functions as much as a place of personal retreat for the inhabitants as it does a gallery for the carefully curated display of their art collection. The simple white spaces slip into the back ground, allowing their art to take center stage. The artworks are effectively displayed through a considered and thoughtful placement, while the function and feeling of each room is, in turn, enhanced by their addition. Each and every interior detail is carefully woven into the design of the space. Now let's take a look at this wonderful interplay of the dynamic and personal, with the permanent.

The doormen

These two wonderfully imposing figures guard the entrance way. As one steps inside, they are given an immediate impression of the homes intent to be a space that exhibits the inhabitants personal tastes and values. The two figures become characters in the first experience of the home. Behind the 'doormen', a beautiful screen effectively creates spatial distinction without disconnection.

The girl with the blue face

Colourful and dominant pieces, like this girl depicted with a blue face, are placed in living and entertaining spaces. Their presence brings a vibrancy to the space. The adjacent table, minimal and white, doesn't compete with the colourful painting. A fantastic lamp swoops across the room to shine direct light onto the small and intimate dining area.  

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Textures and life

A small buddha sits atop the sideboard, partly shielding one of the portraits. The cushions add a touch of texture that one might find hard to resit stroking, and the green pops out among the white and neutral tones. Flowers and fruit adorn the tables as perishable signs of the presence of life and time; while the inanimate components of the room will remain unchanged, the flowers will wilt and die and the fruit will be eaten. Or are these not real flowers and fruit? Is there a deliberate irony in the use of the inanimate to depict life and impermanence?

A calm space

A large, but simple, painting sits directly opposite the bed in the master bedroom. Two small figures dance in a blue backdrop that gently bleeds to black, almost giving the impression of a falling night sky. The feeling of calm that this brings is complemented by the placement of a high window. An abundance of natural light is allowed to stream onto the bright white surfaces. The contrasting colour of both the corner desk and the figure sitting upon it creates a warm space to read, write or catch up on a few emails.

Subtle colours

The bedroom also displays the first use of colour on the walls. The soft shell pink of the wallpaper strip, depicting natural motifs, is picked up by the remainder of the wall. The soft pink continues along the wall beyond the bedroom, visually linking and connecting it with the space outside. For more ideas on how to use art to transform a space and enhance a design, take a look at another of STDesigns projects.

A simple beauty

Small, playful figurines bring colour and fun to the simple clean lines of the bathroom. Each is reflected in the wall to wall mirror, creating the illusion of a cast of players. The symmetry of their placement however means the space remains ornate and uncluttered. 

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Creating an outdoor retreat

With no space for grand gestures, a series of plants, varying in size, sit alongside two peaceful knee height figures. This creates a calm outdoor retreat in a space that could easily have been forgotten without proper consideration. 

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