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10 small kitchens to consider before getting a new one

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We never get tired of affirming that a  small kitchen does not have to be uncomfortable. Also it doesn't have to be unappealing in comparison to a larger kitchen. With just a bit of active imagination, taking advantage of all the given space and a touch of good taste you can have a small or medium kitchen that can be a competitor and cause of envy to all those huge kitchens with islands that we see in magazines. 

Want to see 10 small and fabulously interesting kitchens? Then dive into this Ideabook and enjoy!

1. Narrow and prolonged effect

This kitchen is small and often typical executing that narrow and prolonged style. But just look how much you can offer this type of kitchen with adequate distribution.There is even a breakfast bar with two stools. In addition, the combination of white and wood is always a wise choice for any kitchen. 

For more ideas you can consult our kitchen planners.

2. The right lighting

This first kitchen has a simple but very cozy design. The best feature is the clever lighting below the cabinet. It perfectly illuminates the area of the counter-top. This is a great idea when choosing a darker counter while we must give it proper light that reflects and not visually reduce the space.

3. Rustically flirtatious

This mini kitchen is made to fall in love with! Framed within a small rustic house, it covers every detail both aesthetic and functional. It has a large shelf above the sink, a bar to hang the utensils, stove, mini fridge, cabinets… There is nothing amiss in those few meters square. A great way to take advantage of every corner!

4. Open kitchen

These days more people are choosing to open their small kitchen to the rest of the house in order not to lose too much space. Can you imagine how suffocating it would be to close this kitchen within four walls? Left as it is, it  now breathes freshness and a wooden dining room gives it that extra bonus! 

5. Bright colors

Small kitchens have advantage that they don't have to stick to ordinary colors such as white, gray and beige… If you are lucky to have natural light in your kitchen you can risk it and go one step further in the shades of your choice. In this case the kitchen has risked a lot with a spectacular result: blue and yellow for the walls and some clever decorative elements! Wood and white for furniture and countertop. Beautiful and very modern!

6. Tiny but cleverly arranged

Another way to take advantage of a small kitchen is to make the most of the corners. This tiny kitchen shown in red and steel has been designed to take full advantage of the last possible space. And for the fact how truly small it is, it looks very chic and a proper kitchen!

7. All in white

We said it many times before and we will say it again, white is the excellent color for many kitchens: it brings luminosity, a sense of spaciousness, purity and cleanliness. And that is why it is a great choice for small kitchens. In this example we have a minimalist white kitchen, very modern, with only small details to leave the space as less overwhelming as possible.

8. Clever use

In order to taking advantage of all the available space it is fundamental to take a good look at a small kitchen. In this case the owners were practical. They have placed washing machine, dryer, laundry basket, sink, cleaning products and other appliances in just a few square meters. What more could you need? In addition, we also have drawers, oven, microwave,  all with the aim of taking advantage of all the space in vertical and not always in horizontal!

9. Gray and black

This kitchen does not look so small but it is part of open space and as such it does not have too many square meters. Nevertheless, the owners have allowed the luxury of choosing the gray and black as the main colors of the kitchen. The wood chosen for the lower cabinets reduces the cold feeling produced by the sleek upper storage.

10. Minimalist style

We conclude this Ideabook with this small minimalist and modern kitchen. Clear worktops, designer furniture, flowers and lots of natural light. An authentic kitchen such as this does not require a lot of space!

7 small kitchens you just have to see is another inspirational Ideabook dealing with small kitchens!

What do you think of these examples of small kitchens? Please share your view with us!

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