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6 tips on how to keep your home safe

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 When we talk about the ideal home, we tend to think about the aesthetics, the size, the location and a variety of other features that we balance in our minds to create the picture of our perfect property. However, aesthetics are not the only consideration we should have in our minds, of course there’s functionality too; our homes must meet our practical needs, but beyond that there’s another consideration that we perhaps don’t give enough thought to: safety.

 Those of us with families, particularly young children, will of course take their home’s safety into account, but the rest of us may not give it quite so much thought. Besides, keeping your home safe doesn’t just refer to unwanted intruders, and with this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on how you can increase the safety of your home. Let’s get started…

1. Don’t show off

 In much the same way that you shouldn’t display valuables in an unattended car, it’s unwise to opt for overtly ostentatious décor on your home’s exterior, as it may advertise your home as a target for burglars.

2. Simple security measures

 Protect against intruders with secure fencing around your property. If you’re worried about the aesthetics of your home, then take a look at this guide to lighting exterior fences; there’s a wealth of ways to make fencing more appealing.

3. Protect your privacy

 In the age of social media, privacy has never been more important – or under threat – and the home is the one place that absolutely should remain your private space. Keep your privacy in mind when designing and furnishing your home and take measures to maintain the sanctity of your secluded spaces.

4. Keep Mother Nature in mind

 Nature is cruel, and although we often like to think otherwise, we are as subject to its whims as any other creature on the planet. Whether it’s soil, water, wind or fire, you should select the right construction materials for your home so as to make them less vulnerable to natural disasters that may occur in your area.

5. The installation of CCTV

 With today’s advancements in technology home security systems have never been more sophisticated, or accessible. You can stream a feed from cameras in your home directly to your smart phone, so you can have peace of mind wherever you are.

6. Shedding some light on the issue

 Installing a good lighting system can increase your family’s safety by deterring intruders, avoiding accidents and even by helping to avoid venomous animals, especially in areas that are still need to be used at night.

 For more helpful home security advice, take a look at the things that attract burglars.

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