The construction of an exquisite terrace

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We often spend so much time thinking about how to optimise our interiors that we completely forget about the potential of our exteriors. Well, that's certainly not the case with this project we have for you today. The flooring specialists at Phu Bortnowski knew just how to take a plain and ordinary section of yard and turn it into a space for the whole family.

In today's post, we will examine the construction phase of a wooden terrace from scratch. Built into a single-storey house amidst a lush green garden, the terrace adds warmth and character to the property where such ambience was lacking. 

Let's see how it was done…

First, the finished product

Warm, welcoming, and durable timber surrounded by radiant and abundant greenery is exactly the kind of setting you want for your outdoor space. The bungalow it's attached to is coated in pure white paint and covered with anthracite-coloured roof tiles, making the terrace and the scenery pop around it.

Construction stages: infrastructure

Now for the whole process: The first stage of construction was laying the concrete flooring down at regular intervals. The main material, which will be laid in the opposite direction, will be situated on these timbers and laid longitudinally on the terrace.

And for the steps

Due to the slope of the land on which the property is located, there is a single step on one side and a four-step ladder on the other side that lead you up onto the terrace. These delicate steps ensure an easy journey up to the terrace for younger and older guests. Infrastructure processing was also carried out in the same way as the main landing.

Rulers are laid

The wooden planks of the terrace were mounted one by one on the slabs beneath. The lower planks were fixed to the floor along the full length of the terrace, while the lower planks were fixed to the frame as if they were transverse.

In the making

When we look at this photo, we can clearly see the operations performed and the directions of the parts. After the surface finish of the terrace is complete, then the vertical parts and the frame will be constructed. Precision during this stage is of the utmost importance, as any crack in the foundation could ruin the structural integrity of the entire terrace.

Finishing the stairs

Once the main landing of the terrace was finished, the stairs were then worked on. Unlike the main area, the stairs were assembled first with their vertical pieces, then the frame was added, and finally the stepping surfaces were laid.

Perfect craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of the terrace is perfect. There is not even one detail that is out of place and you can see it in the precision of each angle. Each piece is the same as the other, the points where the screws are inserted are perfectly symmetrical and flawless.

Polished to th desired colour

Weather-treated and polised with a brown lacquer with warm red undertones, this terrace is nearing completion. The treatments make it durable to last through all kinds of surprised from Mother Nature, and the varnish finishes the picture-perfect image with distinct colour.

Ready for use

And the finished product once again! Adorned with a lighter wooden garden set and stone planters, the terrace is now ready to seat parties of three or more for any occasion. Small decorative items like stone planters help to complete the picture. It's amazing what the addition of a few carefully measured and finely polished boards can make for an inspiring outdoor entertainment area, and what it can add to your home's overall ambience.

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