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Yards you should show your builder

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If you're planning your garden or backyard then put down the pen, because today we're going to show you some stunning projects that will open up brand new possibilities. The potential for creative landscaping and garden ideas is limited only by your imagination, which is exactly why it's worth taking a look at the work of seasoned professionals to see the kind of things they come up with, because believe us, they will amaze you!

From al fresco dining areas, to innovative garden arrangements, to swimming pools, the projects we'll see today will show you new and exciting ways to use your outdoor space to create truly special environments that will improve your lifestyle, and make your property the envy of all of your neighbours. So join us as we explore these incredible projects, and if you see anything you like you can take it to your builder or garden designer so that you can copy it in your own home!

1. An outdoor kitchen

By using water resistant materials such as porcelain, marble, and those exotic and colourful tiles, the designers of this patio have managed to construct an entire outdoor kitchen including a grill, sink, and a bar. With the bar doubling as a preparation and serving space this is a wonderful set-up for holding a dinner party in the sunshine, and with the high sheen surfaces clean up is a breeze!

2. A unique swinming pool

Regardless of the space you have available in your yard a custom swimming pool can be designed to fit in like a jigsaw piece, and this is a fantastic example. It has a unique shape that gives this garden a modern look, and is surrounded by hedges that both beautify the space and provide privacy, while deck chairs offer a place to dry off in the sunshine.

3. How to arrange a garden

Even with limited space in your garden you still want the greenery to be as dense and varied as possible to give it a natural look, and this garden is full of ideas. Starting with super low maintenance desert grasses set in gravel, the plants get gradually bigger providing a lush canopy, and varied colours and shades that will fool you into thinking you've stumbled into a rainforest. The main benefit of this approach is that all of these plants require little to no upkeep, allowing you to let the garden grow wild.

4. A rustic patio

With the rustic aesthetic set by the heavy stone walls, brick floor, and simple shelter constructed from thin tree trunks and recycled corrugated iron, this table really is the perfect fit. The open design is great for the rainy season, allowing you to still plan a party in the garden amongst the greenery and fresh air regardless of the weather forecast!

5. Blurring interior and exterior spaces

Built from slats and heavy wooden beams this outdoor area has all of the features of a gourmet kitchen, with an oven, barbecue, stove, fridge, and sink. The gorgeous Mediterranean tiles give this space a comforting, homely aesthetic, while colourful stools brighten the place up a bit. This throwback to the days of outdoor kitchens is perfect for entertaining, or simply taking advantage of balmy weather, with the kitted out kitchen ensuring you don't have to worry about hygiene or food safety, plus when you're done you can just hose it all down!

6. A stone oven

For truly delicious and traditional meals a stone barbecue is a must, and this gravelled patio is the ideal environment. With a stunning view from the balcony it's no surprise they wanted to take advantage of this space, and with nothing more than a single tree, and a colour palette to complement the natural hue of the stone, they have created a charming space for a family barbecue. If you like the idea of building a barbecue or grill in your backyard, just take a look at all these options you're sure to fall in love with!

7. A patio packed with ideas

This patio area is full of creative solutions that integrate every element into a fabulous whole. By building furniture in wheels from the same timber as the patio they have created a dynamic space with movable elements that can be arranged to suit your needs, whether you simply lay down a couple of cushions to sunbathe, or arrange them in a circle for entertaining guests. They have also used climbing vines that are slowly taking over the steel frames, eventually creating a dense wall and ceiling of green that will cool down the space, not to mention look breathtaking!

Now that you've got a little more inspiration it's back to the drawing board, just be sure to show your builder what you like! If you'd like some more outdoor inspiration head over here to see a deck get built from scratch.

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