Gardens that fit perfectly in every home

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It has been long said that being surrounded by nature not only has positive effects on our physical health but also on our mental health. Modern day apartments may not allow us the luxury of large lush green gardens, but with being creative, we can always develop our own mini-gardens.

Hence, in our today's article, we have selected for you 40 beautiful small gardens that have been designed by our experts and can fit perfectly in all homes, especially in compact sized urban homes. The examples that we have chosen for you range from being modern to rustic to traditional in their overall composition. We are sure that one or more of these ideas can definitely find its way in your houses. 

Let's get started to know more!

1. At the entrance of your house

2. Simplicity with river rocks and clay sculptures

3. With the buddhist touch

4. The sleek roof garden

5. Relaxing in the backyard

6. A charming corner

7. From the zen gardens

8. For a colorful and vibrant entrance

9. Admist the forest

10. Water and bamboo

11. An artistic pathway

12. Simple planters in a compact space

13. Touch of tradition

14. Divine intervention

15. Garden from the country side

16. Brick planters for a rustic house

17. A low maintenance garden

18. Being creative

19. In an oasis

20. If you have more space, extend it into the hallway!

21. Mediterranean touch

22. Flower pots and planters: easy to move and maintain

23. The green wall

24. Potted plants in the living room

25. A tropical oasis

26. Along the periphery

27. In the bathroom!

28. Tropical island

29. Delimiting areas

30. Under the covered lobby

31. A simple garden for a modern hallway

32. Low budget inspiration

33. Freshness in the bathroom

34. A simple and comfortable terrace

35. A small garden with fruit trees!

36. At the entrance or hallway

38. Total simplicity

39. Concrete planters

40. Three for a triumphal entry

If you would love to see more of such landscape projects, we recommend you to read 6 secrets to the perfect garden

Which of the garden ideas did you like the most?

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