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Bedroom decoration (8 different ideas!)

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There are several important details that you will need to consider when furnishing your bedroom, broadly speaking these are: a comfortable bed, a stylish headboard, the right lighting, a proper layout and adequate storage space. If you're planning to do it all yourself, without getting professional help, then you’re in luck! Today we’ll introduce you to eight inspirational styles to help get the ball rolling. Let’s get started…

1. The pallet bed has never been so colourful

 This handy bed made from pallet material is an attractive medley of black, white, gray and yellow. If you want to use a pallet bed in your bedroom, you can try different colors like this for a more dynamic effect.

2. A spacious design with delightful details

 Style, spaciousness, traditional elements and functionality – this bedroom has it all! This design, which is combines light wooden tones and white walls, has an open, airy feel to it that makes the room feel clean and spacious. Meanwhile the intricate headboard creates a focal point while spicing up the room with a little creativity.

3. Neutral colours for a sophisticated style

 If you like to use pastel colors in decorating, then this might be the style for you. You can experiment with pastel, neutral tones which adapt well to classic and Mediterranean style décor.

4. Whimsical walls

labzona Eclectic style bedroom

 Wall decoration is perhaps the most effective way to save the room from an ordinary ambiance, as it offers virtually unlimited design possibilities. If you’re not keen on the idea of opting for unusual furnishings, but you’re still aiming for a striking and different design, then wall decoration is probably the way forward.

5. A well-rounded solution

 Round beds, which are more suitable in large rooms, can make your bedroom more comfortable while introducing something different in your décor. Here it blends beautifully with the strong, impactful country style and pastel colours.

6. Reviving the room with wall decoration

 Once again we’re looking at a room largely defined by wall decoration. This bedroom, which has a very simple classic chic design, has been given astonishing depth and character by the wall art that comes to define the space.

7. Different with every detail

 This room is filled with a variety of different details that draw attention: classic furnishings, accent colours, stone walls, wooden ceiling structures, and even a hollow frame above the bed.  You can plan a collage by collecting all the things that interest you in the example above and use them to create an extraordinary bedroom.

8. A creative solution for a boring headboard

 In this design there’s a simple but unusual headboard constructed from old boards. You can make use of a simple design like this to strengthen styles like rural, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and rustic.

 Take a look at these inspirational ideas for more brilliant bedroom designs.

 Translated from an article by Dilşad C.

Have you got any suggestions for different bedroom décor? If so share them in the comments below!
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