Bathroom ideas that you can copy to achieve the hotel look

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Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Minimalist style bathrooms
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Bathroom! Not so long ago,  investing in a good bathroom was considered to be unworthy of the efforts. However, recent times have been witnessing a shift this mentality with users now keen on well-designed bathrooms adorned with high-quality finishes.

Bathrooms though small, are relatively difficult to design and execute. A well-designed bathroom brings to the table numerous benefits, the most important being us feeling cheerful throughout the day since a bathroom is one of the first spaces that we step into in the morning, and as they say, a good start always leads to a good end!  Hence, in our today's article, we have sorted out 12 hotel style bathrooms that you can easily copy and install in your dream house.

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1. Bathroom and the charm of backlighting

Bathrooms largely depend on artificial lighting for illumination. However, we are sure that most of the bathrooms you have visited more or less have the same lighting pattern. In order to rise above the ordinary, you can always opt for clever backlighting solutions as installed here by the architects. Not only does the space looks illuminated, it also gives the bathroom a very modern and classy vibe.

2. Bathroom and smart storage ideas

When the usable space is small, you have to look for innovative solutions. The architects of this house have creatively utilized a simple ladder to store the various toiletries as well as hang towels and other accessories. We were also particularly impressed by the wall tiles and the flooring pattern that gives the bathroom a nice trendy touch.

3. Bathroom and comfortable bathtub

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Minimalist style bathrooms
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

According to a survey, a bathtub the is the most desirable feature that most of the urban population want in their house. One of the biggest reason why this is avoided by many is the lack of space. However, as seen in this example, you can always experiment with custom shaped bathtubs in order to fit one within the space available with you.

4. Monochromatic elegance

Rather than overdoing your bathroom with multiple colors, you can experiment with just one bold color. The fittings and lighting can then be creatively designed to accentuate the monotonous backdrop. This is not only an excellent cost saving solution but also a mechanism by which you can give your bathroom a very sleek look.

5. Fit for a villa

This bathroom features an unusual black wooden flooring that beautifully compliments its white and beige interiors. The entire space is generously planned with the bathtub aligned along the width of the bathroom, the wall is further adorned with beautiful paintings to give an impression of being located in an exotic destination. You can also opt for LED lights that can be installed under the storage counter or the mirror, this way you can add a nice touch of elegance to the entire space.

6. Going back in time

The designers of this bathroom have opted for a chic retro style of design by installing bright pink wall tiles, a baroque styled mirror, and an artistic wash basin stand. The lovely combination of the pink tiles and the chrome yellow flooring further add on to the charm of the bathroom.  However, for us, the most interesting feature of the space has been the custom built basin spout, a feature that literally takes us back in time!

7. Dual tone design

In order to make the space look interesting, you can always experiment with a dual tone concept as seen in this image. The architects have experimented with a dual tone of black marble and white walls in order to add dynamism to the entire space. Further, the fittings and fixtures have also been chosen to be white in color, this way the architects have ensured that the fixtures compliment the chosen color palette. This bathroom is an excellent example to draw inspiration from in case you want to refirbish your bathroom in a tight budget.

8. Clever layout

In the case of compact apartments, more specifically compact bedrooms with en suite toilets, you can always opt for a partition which can be utilized to install the washbasin and mirror. This way you can save a lot of space that would otherwise demand a separate room. This particular example utilizes a sleek combination of teak flooring, white walls, and white colored fixtures, all of which are wonderfully accentuated with the high intensity light fixtures installed on top of the mirror.

9. Adorned with textures

Although this bathroom looks like any other modern bathroom, on a closer look you will realize that each of the surface is adorned with textures that enhance the overall appeal of the space. The combination of the black counter top and the wooden veneer especially looks elegant while the backlighting below the mirror adds a very classy touch to the entire setting.

10. Dynamic lighting

The best feature of this bathroom are the two linear light fixtures that run along its length. They textured gray wall tiles look very trendy while the combination of gray, white and wood flooring lend this space a nice elegance. Apart from the linear lights, we also liked the simple hanging bulbs that can be put to use while you are near the wash basin mirror.

11. In the nature

It is rare that one gets to live in a house that is situated amidst nature, in case you are one of the lucky ones, this bathroom is just for you. Designed in an unusual triangle-shaped plan, this bathroom features a huge mirror that occupies the entire wall and a large door opening through which you can have a glimpse of the outside. The space is designed in such a way that anyone from outside cannot look inside, this is largely due to clever landscaping and the positioning of the mirror.

12. Creative shower cubicle

This arty bathroom features a beautiful, wood coated bathtub that is positioned along the edge of the wall. However, what steals the show is the simple yet creatively fabricated shower cubicle, instead of opting for a standard ready made cubicle, the architects have utilized simple metal bars to fabricate a trendy but at the same time low-cost shower space for the users of this apartment. Definitely an idea that you can get inspired from!

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