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12 simple tricks to make your home look bigger than it is

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Does your home feel cramped and small? Well, you're not alone. Most people squeeze into a dwelling that feels insufficient to their needs. But the truth is that most people make their homes seem smaller than they need to. Because the ways we experience our living spaces depends on more than just the bare facts of floor space.

So how can you make your small home feel big? Well, today we will explore 12 tricks interior designers and decorators commonly employ to combat the problem. Let's check them out!

1. Embrace a mix of styles

It's common to advise small home dwellers to make their interior simple. That's smart, but it doesn't mean everything should match. Our eyes tend to group similar items together so they coalesce. This means that you should avoid using a complete set of matching furniture. Instead, explore a variety of styles.

2. Remove non-load bearing walls and create an open plan

If you have the option to remove non-load bearing walls, do it! This is the single most effective way you can make your space look large. Light will flow freely throughout the home and it will have a bright, spacious feel.

3. Exploit every angle

People tend to furnish and decorate their rooms at eye level. This brings all the visual weight in the room to the lower half of the room and it feels quite heavy. It also impact on your floor space. Instead, look at installing items that draw the eye upwards.

4. Creative dividers

Bare walls tend to draw attention to the confines of the room. Disguise their function by dressing them up with creative and eye-catching treatments. This little one room home has a gorgeous wooden geometric feature wall.

5. Use the lofts for inspiration

Look at arty one room lofts for inspiration. These tend have surprising elements in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. In this little home, there's even a corner loft at the edge of the hallway. 

6. Sort out your lines of sight

Walk around your room and take note of the main visual lines of sight in the home. Then figure out ways to realign and adjust the furniture to create unbroken lines of sight. One common trick is to cluster the furniture and turn the television unit or sofa into a divider.

7. Try out a platform

A platform is an excellent way to divide the various living zones in a room. This is because it can be used to provide extra storage space and separate the living spaces without blocking your lines of sight in the room.

8. Choose lightweight elements

Fine lines and lightweight furniture are an absolute must. Choose coffee tables with a round shape and furniture with legs. Transparent plexiglass chairs are great too.

9. Cover the main areas with light or neutral colours

We all know that light and bright colours schemes are important when trying to make your home feel big. But how do you make your home feel warm and friendly when you're taking a minimalist approach? The answer is natural materials such as wood and stone. This living room is sure to provide inspiration.

10. Stack your elements up high

Think vertical when it comes to your design. Storage shelves, books and decorative items can often be stacked up to use up that vertical space in the room. This frees up precious inches in floor space.

11. Consider the corners

The corners of any home are generally the most neglected areas. These are areas free from foot traffic so they can often be used without affecting the way you move throughout the space. In this little home, the corner under the stairs is beautifully used.

12. Don't underestimate the power of flexible furniture

Flexible furniture was, we admit, once a bit of a bore. But these days it comes in slick designs that can have an almost magical space-expanding effect on a home.

Now, get ready for some cosy ideas and have a look at 10 dreamy nooks and corners perfect for small homes.

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