The top 20 cost-effective small homes

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 Have you ever wondered how far your money might go if you purchased a home elsewhere in the world?

 Well, for a little fun today we’re going to show you, as we’ve scoured through the work of a multitude of architects from all over the world in order to put together a list of our top twenty cost-effective small homes.

 We’ve tried to be as up to date and accurate as we can with the prices, but bear in mind that they’re approximations made from converting other currencies using the current exchange rates. Nevertheless, this should give you an idea of what’s out there, and perhaps even a little inspiration too! Let’s get started…

1. A beautiful house with three bedrooms, two garages and a converted loft—all for RM 304,251.24.

2. This modern home has three bedrooms and a converted attic at a price of RM 259,996.51.

3. Great if you work from home: three bedrooms, plus a home office for RM 188,082.58.

4. A suburban villa with three bedrooms, located outside the city center and only RM 210,209.94.

5. This wonderful white home has a sleek modern design, three bedrooms, and a backyard. Unfortunately there’s no specific price available, but it’s definitely on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

6. This completely renovated residence has been fitted out with the most high-end equipment but at a price of only RM 127,232.33.

7. This prefabricated house is pre-made by a professional team and assembled on site for superb cost savings: a starting price of RM 94,041.29.

8. A family favorite with four bedrooms at RM 154,891.54.

9. This single-storey design can accommodate families with a number of children, with cost savings thanks to the off-site construction method—four bedrooms for less than RM 553,184.06.

10. The upgrade of this converted farmhouse cost a mere RM 16,595.52 for the reconstruction!

11. This charming three bedroom home cost RM 127,232.33.

12. This beautiful single-storey home has a spectacular interior, great façade and a garden all for only RM 315,314.92.

13. Found in Japan, this impressive feat of space utilisation is priced at RM 99,573.13.

14. Yet another amazing modular home at a cost of only RM 331,910.44.

15. This lovely little house has been finished to the highest quality! The exact project costs are not available, but it’s undoubtedly value for money.

16. This dream house has an amazing porch, and an amazing price at RM 188,082.58.

17. This brick-cement alternative can give you the traditional red brick look for a cost as low as RM 248,932.83.

18. You don’t have to be swimming in money to afford a home with a swimming pool; this delightful dwelling could be yours for RM 221,273.63.

19. This superb Scandinavian-style home has under-floor heating, and a price of only RM 365,101.48.

20. Find your own secluded spot in the forest with this fabulous little property. The exact price isn’t available, but you can be it’ll be low when you take into account that the entire home can be transported to site already assembled!

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Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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