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13 great ideas for ceiling lighting

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 As we know, home lighting is one of the most important components of décor. In addition to having the practical function of allowing adequate visibility in the home, it can create very interesting effects depending on the type of lighting used, and the ceiling is an area that you must pay close attention to. In today’s article we’ll present you with thirteen very attractive lighting solutions that’ll hopefully inspire you to do something creative. Let’s get started…

1. Cutting-edge lighting

 Today that paradigm has changed as designers of modern projects try to create interesting effects with the light playing on the ceiling surface, as it's no longer just an area for anchor lights but an important decorative element too.

2. Chandelier or ceiling fixture?

 Until recently the choice of lighting fixture was largely dependent on the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling was low the inclination was towards the use of ceiling lights, while if it was higher the tendency was towards the chandeliers.

3. The magic of LED lights

 LED lights are becoming an increasingly popular solution. They consume about 80% less energy than regular bulbs and the flow of the light produced by the LED lamps can more easily be directed to the area that we want; increasing the uniformity of light distribution even when highlighting specific areas of the house.

4. Lighting effects

 Another feature of LED lighting is that it’s capable of displaying the full spectrum of colours—an advantage when using this type of light for decorative purposes – allowing you to obtain various colours of light depending on the material produced by the diode.

5. Protruding elements

 Protruding elements like those pictured above provide soundproofing as well as improving the aesthetics of the space. Lights integrated into the ceiling structure allows us to play with shapes and shadows, in addition to providing more efficient lighting because it can be positioned so as to ensure the most appropriate lighting for the various areas of the room .

6. Spectacular lamps

Chic Living Room homify Living room Blue

Chic Living Room


 We must remember that a lamp not only serves to illuminate the room, but it also makes a decisive contribution to the decoration and the atmosphere of the surroundings.

7. Light that comes from below

Living Room homify Living room

Living Room


 Ground or floor lamps are preferred for their ability to affect the atmosphere of the space; this is because examples such as those in the image above not only provide direct light to specific areas, but they also project light onto the ceiling in a decorative way.

8. Recessed lights

Sam's Creek homify Living room

Sam's Creek


 Recessed spotlights are an interesting solution as they are integrated into the architecture; giving corridors and rooms a more discreet profile by not overlapping with the rest of the decorative elements, while at the same time allowing you to highlight the finishes and the details of the house.

9. Lights on rails

 Lights on rails are ideal to direct the light towards specific areas that we want to highlight; in addition being aesthetically valuable with a character that blends well with industrial style décor.

10. Shedding light on the kitchen

 The kitchen is a room that needs a really well thought out lighting solution. Natural light must penetrate the space and artificial sources must be punctual on workspaces, so once again, the LED lights are perhaps the best solution: providing good lighting in work areas.

11. Lighting the stairs

 One environment that is notoriously more difficult to illuminate is the area around the stairs. Here we can see some very interesting ideas, with a light stripe running along the perimeter of the ceiling producing interesting effects with regard to the perspective of the space, plus a series of recessed lights that direct their glow downward providing the right lighting to illuminate the whole environment.

12. The entrance

 The entrance of our home should give the right impression, and with regards to lighting this means cosy and well lit. If we don't have enough space for floor or table lamps then we must opt for ceiling options.  Here we have a bold but effective solution involving lighting strips recessed in the ceiling.

13. Natural light from above

 A skylight is basically a window carved on the roof, and its main objective is to spread the sunlight uniformly within the environment. Generally speaking, nothing beats natural light! It helps us to relax, while making us feel connected to the landscape surrounding our house.

 Take a look at these lovely lighting options for more bright lighting ideas.

 Translated from an article by Francis T.

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