How to plan a family friendly home

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Oftentimes sleek and stylish designs don’t necessarily have the whole family in mind. This can make many of us feel a bit left out because these upscale interior designs are simply not practical when there are children involved. This does not mean, however, that you have to sacrifice a balanced and beautiful aesthetic in your home until the kids are grown. The best way to plan a family friendly home that is designed to your tastes is to embrace the fact that you have children in toe. Let their enthusiasm and creativity inspire you in your designs. It will help you to create a refreshing space that is fun, stylish and practical. In this way the presence of your young ones can result in an interior that everyone can feel proud of. With a few of these simple tips in mind you can bring your home up to aesthetic excellence whilst also making your children happy.

Opt for an open plan

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In essence, open floor plans challenge the traditional notion that our homes must be compartmentalised from one another. The result of such an arrangement is that a lot of connectivity between the home’s inhabitants can be lost. An open floor plan is ideal for a family because it brings people together. Communication is easier when there are fewer walls in place, both figuratively and literally when it comes to a family home. Notice how inviting this house appears. There is plenty of space for family members to be simultaneously studying, relaxing, and cooking. An open floor plan can allow younger children to do activities independently without being unsupervised as well. Combined with the high ceilings, the openness of the plan adds an air of pleasantness and allows for a better energy flow within the home.

Use durable fabrics

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A simple way to embrace the presence of children when designing your home is to consider the materials you use. As long as there are youngsters utilising the furnishings, spills are more likely to happen. If you want to teach your kids not to cry over spilt milk, it’s better to go with more durable materials, so you are less likely to lose your cool when an accident happens. The result will be a happier, more relaxed home environment. If you’re wondering which materials are tried and true in the durability department, look no further. This bedroom offers a few examples. Leather, as we can see in the chair is a wonderfully long lasting fabric and it is generally easy to clean. If you’re looking to play it even safer, you can always go with pleather instead. In addition to the leather upholstery in the chair, the cushion is made of velvet. Velvet is a robust fabric that does not tare easily. A darker shade will also mask stains well. Looking at the bed, we see a lovely wool throw blanket. Wool is warm and its fibres are tough, which also makes it a good fabric for family homes.

Add some inspiration

Looking back, most of us can recall adages and other kernels of wisdom our elders consistently bestowed upon us. A nice way to solidify the proverbs you’d like to encourage your own children to internalise would be to add some inspirational quotes right to the walls. These are ideal for times when your children are struggling or if you’d like to offer them some extra support. Maybe your daughter is often stressed because she has over-achieving tendencies. You can help her to grow by adhering a quote like this one so she can remember it when she is off working towards the next goal she sets for herself. Perhaps your son has a hard time remembering to be thankful for what he has. In this case can you can put a quote that reminds the whole family to count their blessings. Children are very impressionable, so using strategies like this can help them to feel continual guidance and support from their parents. Putting them in spaces that everyone uses can help to make them resonate with the entire family, so no one feels left out or singled out.

Use and outdoor rug indoors

Youngsters are often so lively and enthusiastic about what’s coming next that they forget to do things like wipe their feet or take off their shoes when they come indoors. Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to catch them before they ruin your favourite rug or dirtying the floors you just cleaned, try using an outdoor rug indoors. Outdoor rugs and doormats are made to be durable, fast drying and long lasting. Many were also designed to mask dirt and are generally less absorbent than indoor rugs. They can also be quite stylish. Take this rug by Fleetwood Fox Ltd for instance. It is a durable 100% wool, pretty and its colour scheme is warm. Try one of these in your kitchen, bathroom or entryway and you will be glad you did.

Have some fun with the book display

There are lots of ways to add some playful design elements to your home that are both stylish and fun for the kids. A bookshelf is a good place to start. If you take pride and enthusiasm in the place where you keep the books, it might instil the same sort of excitement for reading in your children. Some bookshelves like this geometric dog and child are great for stirring your child’s curiosity for what goes on the shelves themselves. Further, creative shelving units are all the rage right now interior design. There are so many options to choose from that will fit yours and your family’s needs and preferences. A bespoke shell-shaped bookshelf is also intriguing for adults and children alike. Lastly, a book shelf can make a great partition between various areas in an open plan.

Frame some family friendly art

Lastly to make the house feel like a home, adorn the walls with some of yours and your children’s own creations. It will set an example that you take pride in each other’s talents. Frame the birthday card your son made for you, or plan an afternoon to work on a simple mural project or painting that includes the efforts of the whole family. If artistic endeavours are not your family’s strong suit all hope is not lost! You can also purchase some adhesive sticker murals like the one in this children’s bedroom. Many such sticker murals allow you some ability to personalise the final product. Further, make sure you have family photos on display throughout your home. It will help your child feel a sense of belonging and will ensure them that you are proud to have them as a part of it.

Create a play area

An important aspect of designing a family friendly home is to create spaces that are designated just for the kids. There are likely other areas in the home that are off limits to them, and this is a good means of giving them places where kid-friendly activities like painting, being noisy, and their other favourite activities are allowed. The best way to do this is to transform a spare room or unused area within a room into a play area. Basements and attics are ideal, namely if these auxiliary portions of your home are finished. Even just a corner of the room like this one can be enough if you make it exciting and filled with things that line up with your child’s unique interests. You can keep their toys and games in this space. You might even consider adding a fun element like this kiddie rock wall or painting a portion of the wall in chalkboard paint.

If you enjoyed this Ideabook, and would like to know more about how to make your home family friendly, check out these six ideas for a unique and fun playroom. Happy decorating!

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