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All this and more you can build with bamboo!

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The benefits of bamboo have been recognized for quite some time now! Did you know that bamboo is technically a type of grass? Which means it grows quickly and provides a sustainable source for building materials! Considering it's a grass it has specific qualities that make it incredibly durable, sustainable and even healthy.

In its durability is also offers incredible flexibility—which would explain why the number one use of bamboo is flooring.  Bamboo offers durable, solid flooring while also being easy on your joints—particularly your back and knees, for long periods of standing!  It can also handle the messes and spills that come with a kitchen—or any room in the home.

Now, bamboo has seen an increase in popularity as designers and architects appreciate its qualities and sustainability—and this is quite advantageous for the average homeowner.  Below, we have made a comprehensive list of the design and constructive capabilities of bamboo and we hope after you have a look that you consider it in your next home project!

Bamboo structures and stairs

We understand that when thinking about something as serious as the structural foundation of your home—you might not be open to working with a new material.  However, with resistance to swelling and contracting, durability and sustainability—bamboo is a resource you should keep in your back pocket.  Feeling anxious about the consideration? Go to a local wood specialist or home-improvement store in your area and ask the professionals! They will be more than happy to discussing the structural benefits of bamboo with you—as it is a fabulous natural resource that only adds to your interior aesthetic, rather than being a structural eye-sore!

Pictured here, these homeowners decided to create a bit of continuity between the bamboo flooring and the stairway by using bamboo structurally. As you can see, these homeowners got an incredible end result that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing!

Cladding and façades

If you're looking for options when it comes to timber cladding or facades—look no further than bamboo!  Bamboo offers an environmentally-friendly option when it comes to both permanent and temporary structures in your home.

When looking for design options with bamboo—consider cladding your home with raw bamboo (so the shape is circular and more raw-looking) or processed bamboo that is trimmed, shaved and shaded (as pictured here). Which option you choose can truly change the look of the exterior of your home. As you can see, this homeowner decided to use two different colours of bamboo for a more dramatic and modern effect—but even using two different shades of bamboo can add something special too. Bamboo is relatively low-maintenance—but remember to check it for upkeep and of course like most timber—the colour or shading of the bamboo will fade overtime through natural exposure.

It is always wise to speak with professionals, either online or in-person, to discuss the proper upkeep and maintenance schedules of all timber products in your home!

For more cladding and facade inspiration check out this project!

Bamboo furniture

When most homeowners are considering decor and furnishings for their home, they often forget in their list of 'wants' that considering environmentally friendly materials is quite important (and an easier option than you might think.) When replacing furniture in your home, or considering buying something new—think about bamboo, especially if you're a fan of hardwood furnishings.

On average, bamboo takes about five-years for maximum regrowth—whereas most other hardwoods can take between 50-60 years!  Bamboo is typically a lighter grain of wood, however, it offers a luminescent finishing touch that you cannot find with any other hard wood available (unless you use chemicals!)  Whereas bamboo furniture was hard to come by several years ago, and even then most bamboo furniture was 'imitation' bamboo—nowadays that is not a problem! You can now replace almost any furnishings you can think of with original bamboo wood—and it's not necessarily expensive! From end tables and chairs to kitchen utensils and cutting boards—start considering bamboo as a home interior option.

Seen in this example, designer Lara de Greef has beautiful industrial design inspiration for anyone looking for bamboo furnishings!

Roofing and ceilings

Choosing bamboo for your roofing or ceiling (as pictured here) might not be the first idea that comes to your mind when thinking about redesigning your home.  We hope this changes! As stated before, bamboo is incredibly durable and sustainable, but best of all—it works incredibly well with both flooring and ceilings because it's quite resistant to swelling.

If you're a homeowner than you know that while working with wood that swelling and contracting is one of those nuisances you have to deal with.  Not with bamboo! It's flexibility and sturdiness provide a roofing/ceiling options that is bound to stay in place. Best of all—the unique grain and colour options that bamboo has can provide a wonderful design to any home!

Bamboo accent walls

KROPKA STUDIO'S PROJECT Kropka Studio Modern style bathrooms
Kropka Studio


Kropka Studio

Similarly to cladding and facades—bamboo can also be used for less utilitarian reasons—like accent walls!  As you will see below, bamboo can slightly swell or contract in humid environments—but these homeowners decided to use it in their bathroom!  With proper ventilation and the right amount of distance from water sources, bamboo can absolutely be used in bathroom/shower room environments!

These homeowners created a sense of continuity by using both a bamboo accent wall and bamboo vanity for the sink! If you choose an accent wall, try obtaining bamboo materials and furnishings in other areas of the room to create a great visual environment that is relational!

We hope we have convinced you to consider bamboo as both a decorative and constructive material—it's truly a great and sustainable resource!

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo

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It is important for you as a homeowner to sit down and consider the advantages and disadvantages of any building materials and products that you use.  We feel when discussing the pros and cons of bamboo that we should make it direct and keep you informed.


Environmentally-friendly, sustainable


Medium to low-maintenance



Resistant to swelling and contracting 

Similar in cost to most hardwood materials!


Can scratch easily

Can plump-up in humid environments

Lack of hardness—compared to most hardwood flooring

Can emit organically-volatile emissions depending on quality

Important to find a high-quality dealer, as to gurantee the grade of bamboo (Grade A or Grade B)

Iroka has beautiful examples of bamboo-based homes!

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