Wooden partitions that add exceptional beauty to your home

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Wooden partitions are what you need if you are wondering how your home would feel with a little more space definition!

Any interior designer would tell you that a partition is the answer, but what kind of partition exactly? Well, there is one style that proves itself time and again to be the most practical and the most versatile when it comes to placement and design approach, and that is the wooden partition. And they're more than just functional panels–they're aesthetic masterpieces fit for any area or design scheme because of the huge array of models available on the market. From open to closed, from geometric and symmetrical to criss-crossed and retro, there isn't a design out there that wouldn't appeal to even the pickiest homeowner.

But we've selected just a few of our favourite examples (16 to be precise) of wooden partitions to show you just what you can get given the right tools and the right contractor, and they're guaranteed to turn heads and bring insurmountable beauty and style to your home.

So browse through our list and let these beauties become the new focal point of your room!

1. White to separate the entrance

When you have an open plan home, the entrance area can be tricky to decorate. But not with a wooden partition. This wall functions as display case, and due to its bright white colour, it blends in with the interior and offers a subtle barrier between the entryway and the living room. This is not only a great styling choice, but it also gives you the feeling of a bit more privacy.

2. Vertical and horizontal pieces

This first piece will give your living and dining room the division it needs. It fits the overall shape of the space–there are square cut-outs resembling the square entertainment centre and L-shaped sofa, and it provides unique display options for nick knacks.

3. Quandrants

This wooden partition gives off a bit of Japanese flair with its quadrant look, resembling a traditional shoji door. And these designers did a great job keeping the wood in a lighter tone to match with the light colour palette of the interior.

4. Lightweight

Wood remains one of the most sophisticated and practical building materials known to man. In this space, the wooden partition distinguishes the dining room from the welcoming area of the home in a very cosmopolitan manner while keeping separation light and minimal.

5. Raw styles

If you're a fan of rustic and country interiors, then you should definitely look into raw, unfinished designs like this. What we love about this partition especially is its integration of a mirror. So here, we can't see past the cute little orchid or tiny decoration. We see only a reflection of these items, which gives this living room a bit more privacy. And remember, when it comes to raw furniture, the simpler the style, the more authentic it feels.

6. Elegant designs

partition & living room Bluebell Interiors Living room Plywood White
Bluebell Interiors

partition & living room

Bluebell Interiors

If you are rather ritzy on the other hand, this refined partition might be just the thing you were looking for. As we've already mentioned, wooden partitions come in a variety of styles and colours, and this style is all about glam. Spade-like etched glass forms the centre of this wall and it looks stunning encased in deep dark wood.

7. Vertical slats

If you want to give your television area a modern look, vertical slats are a great solution. They let light pass through while offering a visual blockage at the same time, which helps you focus more on the action movie you just rented.

8. Different application

Partition & feature wall in drawing room Bluebell Interiors Living room Glass Blue
Bluebell Interiors

Partition & feature wall in drawing room

Bluebell Interiors

This wooden partition doesn't focus so much on room separation, but room integration through slim, ladder-like slits of wood. With prominent and glamorously shiny golden decoration at the front, the partition functions as a styling element alone.

9. Filled with life

What better way to bring a little life an excitement to your space than to adorn it with beautiful, healthy, vibrant plant life? Up the ante with your interior design by creating a vertical garden on a full or half-sized wooden partition, like the one we see here.

10. Unique curvature

Just look what a beautiful piece we have here! Although its form is not sharply defined, we give 100 points for originality and the perfect finish. The glossy varnish of this furniture gives it brightness, solidity and makes it a masterpiece that could even function as a sculpture. Give your spaces a more retro look with a piece like this, and you don't need to change all the furniture to achieve it.

11. Interesting lines

As we always say, creativity has no limits. We present you with this divine partition that is able to separate spaces and create a unique piece that also functions as a piece of art.

12. Made to match

Like all interior design elements, wooden partitions can be made to order, meaning you can coordinate its tone to match the rest of your wooden furniture to create a uniform and purposeful space.

13. Like royalty

This wonderful piece is very fashionable–one might even say it's fit for a king. Its brightness and materials are what make it so elegant and sophisticated. This partition is made of steel dividers that were meticulously cut by means of water pressure machines. Once the piece is finished, it is varnished and covered with a striking gold colour that makes it shine far above the competition.

14. Slim design

When your home is lacking in space, the slim designs are the best. Serving only as a visual separator, this delicate wooden partition adds simple charm to a calming space.

15. Keeping up

Mixing styles can be another alternative for those who constantly seek to improve their spaces. If your home already has this screen, all you have to do is keep it or renovate it if it is worn or battered by using just a bit of varnish.

16. Odd shapes

Our last divider highlights the differences in shape you can customise. Looking almost like scattered Tetris pieces, this partition lets light shine through and offers wonderful artistic design all at the same time. 

If you thought these wooden partitions were inspiring, then you'll love this traditional home where everything is made of wood!

Which of these partitions could you see in your home? Let us know below!

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