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Small apartment comes back to life

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At Homify we often encounter apartments which have beauty and interesting design even if only having minimal square meters at disposal. A lack of space could become an issue but it doesn't always have to be. These apartments are furnished by professionals and share a functionality and convenience, created through a careful design and meticulous rationalization of space. With enough cleverness and agreeing to compromise, any room can be transformed into a perfect home. 


This apartment located in Barcelona has been completely renovated and restructured by Interior Decorators of the Group Inventia. What was needed to be done was to create enough space to fit three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room in an already very small space available. The final result of course turned out beyond expectations!

To avoid unnecessary division of rooms the living room was made to include the kitchen, the dining area and the small lounge, in other words an open plan area however of narrow dimensions. Here we have the view where the kitchen. The shape of this area is long and narrow and ends with a single window facing outside through a door leading onto a small terrace. Precisely for this reason the choice of furniture was simple and linear, characterized by bright colors and clean lines. Although the kitchen is small one does not notice this.

The entrance

The very entrance to the apartment leads to the living area. Because of the small amount of square meters the space was used optimally. The living room consists of a comfortable sofa placed against the wall and straight in front of sofa is a large wall-mounted TV. In this way, relaxation is assured!

Finally, between the living room and the kitchen, we find the small dining area which consists of a table and four white chairs. The style is minimalist and discreet, perfect for a space which has narrow dimensions.

The bedroom

It 's time to move into the other side of the house where we have the sleeping area. As we have previously pointed out, the apartment has three bedrooms, each one complete with a large double bed, a wardrobe and a study area consisting of a desk and a chair. Although the space is minimal, each room has the necessary setup so that it becomes both comfortable and functional.

The bathroom

Here we have again the perfect example where the bathroom, although small, is equipped with all major utilities. The walls are also covered with rectangular white tiles well matched to the wonderful tile patchwork of warm tones that covers the floor. Finishing touches include a light wooden cabinet and sink in modern design. The bathroom is complete with a shower which is transparent, so that enough light remains and the darkness doesn't supress the the environment.

Outdoor area

Finally, to complete this home and make it into a truly functional and comfortable abode, the terrace was also decorated. The terrace was furnished in wood design to ensure practical and appropriate use. The floor is also covered with wood in the same tone as the table and chairs. With this last touch, the terrace is ready and awaiting a nice dinner with the whole family!

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