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Studio apartment: how to keep your bedroom private

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Whether it was your life-long dream or you just happened to stumble into it, you've found yourself in a studio apartment. Maybe you love the openness of having everything in one room, or maybe you don't like the idea of looking at your possibly not-made bed all day. It's not uncommon for people to want and need a little privacy for when house guests visit or to want separation between the small spaces that you do have. And because of these issues, we came up with solutions.

We have seven amazing renovation and add-on ideas for your studio apartment so you can keep your bedroom private and feeling like your own space. Some are simple fixes while others are additions for those truly dedicated to changing the look and feel of their home, but whatever your goal is, we're sure you'll find something you like.

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1. With a dressing room wall

Everyone knows studio apartments don't let you hide things very well, so why bother trying to hide your massive wardrobe? Instead, use it as a visual barrier to keep your bed from merging with the living room. And as far as funciton is concerned, nothing beats this idea. What's better than having your entire wardrobe right at the foot of your bed?

2. Build a wall

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One of the best things you can do to separate your bedroom from the rest of your home is to simply build a wall. It can get pricey, depending on the size and purpose. This wall is also a large storage unit capable of storing or hiding anything you want. But of course, you can go with a slim wall and it will be much more affordable.

3. The loft way

Raising the height of your bedroom is another way to maintain privacy. When you're above eye level, you really don't have to worry about anyone peeking up there to see what's going on. This bunk style bed is relatively economic to install and frees up more floor space so you can finally have a home office.

4. Fold away your worries

Are you really lacking on space? This fold-out bed is a simple and effective way to keep your space open and keep your sleeping quarters private. It's the ideal setup for those who don't spend much time at home anyway, or for young university students looking for an economical solution.

5. Encase it in sliding doors

We saw what you can achieve with curtains–but now look at the styling options of sliding doors! When you're inside, there's no chance anyone can see in and spy on you. And when you're entertaining, there's no more convenient way of hiding your personal belongings than by sticking them behind closed doors.

6. With curtains

Curtains are fast and 100% painless to install and offer a multitude of perks for your studio apartment. They keep your bedroom separate and hidden while adding more colour, texture and style to your home. They also add quite a sophisticated touch when they match with your bedding.

7. Suddenly two levels

This last idea is something that we just can't get enough of. Can you spot where the bedroom is? It's right on top of that enormous white storage unit and is accessible by climbing the delicate steps that are fixed to the wall. These residents effectively created a second storey in their studio apartment by creating a raised bedroom. This idea is similar to the bunk bed, but a whole lot classier. 

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Which of these ideas do you want for your studio apartment? Let us know below!
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