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9 surprisingly comfortable houses for a medium sized family

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With rising land costs and a shortage of construction space, the cost of owning a house has sky-rocketed in many countries, especially in the fast-developing global south.

Often we have the right resources to build our own house, but lack of ideas and technical know-how usually impedes the entire process. Detached single storey houses are extremely common throughout the world and offer pragmatic solutions to the ever growing requirements of any modern-day family. Hence, our today's article depicts 9 such creative home ideas that you can easily copy from for your dream house.

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1. With a high pitched roof

The combination of high-pitched roof and neat white walls give this house a very traditional yet contemporary feel. The triangular skylight on top of the entrance, more correctly known as dormer window adds a nice elegant touch to the entire structure while at the same time also enhances the functionality of the loft floor.

2. Opening outwards

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エヌ スケッチ

Built amidst nature, this single storey house is an excellent example of low-cost and environmentally sustainable residential architecture. The house is provided with a wooden terrace that runs along its length, this way the architects ensured that the living spaces of the house are always protected from the harsh sunlight which ultimately leads to lower cooling costs, further, the terrace also provides its users with a beautiful space to enjoy a nice coffee in the evening.

3. Compact suburban house

 Prefabricated Home by FingerHaus GmbH
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This compact double storey suburban house looks simple yet has a charming elegance to it. Built on a conservative budget, the house features a beautiful contrast between the neat off-white walls and the dark high pitched roof. The simple landscaping outside the house adds a nice country-side touch to it while the attached garage ensures a decent and safe parking space for the family car.

4. Modern and pragmatic

Located in a sparsely populated zone, this house built in exposed concrete looks neat and provides its users a decent value for their investment.

5. Minimalist elegance

With clean straight lines and a monotonous color palette, this house is a beautiful example of a double storey house with excellent space utilization. The external paved surface provides the users a nice space to host parties or events during the festive season.

6. Low-budget house in the suburbs

Built as a low-budget house on the fringes of the city, this house offers a compact living space along with a reasonably sized lawn near its entrance. We particularly liked the two-tone white and beige facade which is reminiscent of the houses of the 50s and the 60s.

7. Exposed concrete

Finished with a layer of paint that resembles exposed concrete, this single storey apartment is an excellent example of minimalist architecture with profound design features.

8. Without fences

The best feature of this house is the organic landscaping that is allowed to be developed on its front facade. This way the architects have ensured that the house is not only connected to nature but also has an added element of attraction apart from the built form.

9. Picteresque house with a loft

This beautiful house is provided with a loft space to accommodate additional family members or visiting friends. The neatly manicured landscape adds on to the elegance of the house and renders the entire space a very charming appeal.

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 Prefabricated Home by FingerHaus GmbH

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