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​Living room, 18 ideas for very little living rooms

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 The living room is an extremely important and special space in any home, since it’s often where the family spends time together, so every details matters!

 Whether your living room’s large or small, with creativity and determination it can be transformed into a truly wonderful space.

 Today we want to highlight how a small space can still become an amazing room, by bringing you eighteen amazing living rooms that can inspire you to create something brilliant. Let’s get started…

1. Small with wall textures

 Another creative and functional idea is to give texture to your walls; whether with stone, plaster or ceramic tiles, it will add dynamism to your small living room while facilitating more subtle and elegant contrasts in the décor.

2. A stunning stone wall with wonderful wooden niches

3. Colours that inspire

 The correct selection of colours allows you to overcome any problems with space that you may have in your home. A suitable colour choice can fill a room with life; here we can see how the designers have personalised a neutral sofa with colourful cushions that give personality to the environment.

 Colourful frames and fun, small tables are important elements of this project too; conveying creativity and personality.

4. Small and minimalist

5. Diverse lighting can be a bright idea

 In this photograph we can see how an elegant gray sofa contrasts with a beautiful and violet chair atop of a wooden floor, and each element is given presence thanks to the creative lighting.

6. Soothing colours for an enchanting elegant feel

7. Less is more

 It is not always necessary to have a lot of furniture to make a room look nice; sometimes it’s better to focus on something more functional, practical and simple. In this living room there’s a small dark gray sofa that enhances its presence with small yellow cushions and a soft skin rug.

8. Get the light right

 A well-lit room highlights the qualities of the different materials within it, such as wood or the different fabrics used in the furniture.  Using wood as the protagonist of your decoration project will imbue the environment with a certain elegance and freshness.

10. A small room with a dazzling design

 If you have a small living room, then you should pay special attention to the lighting. If you can install a wide panoramic window it will provide an excellent source of natural light to the interior, look great, and increase the feeling of space in the room.

​12. Choose your curtains wisely

 The curtains make up part of those smaller details in a room that may not be the first thing that you think of, but you should not pass by, since you are complementing all the decorative work you’ve already done and adding touches that will make your living room more distinct. Using floor-to-ceiling curtains will help shape a space with greater breadth and elegance.

14. Lounge leading to the garden

15. White always helps

 If you’re looking for something simple that saves time, then white will always be your best friend, as it not only helps to make the room look wider, but also facilitates a gentle reflection of natural light.

17. Everything needs volume

 Using different furniture with different heights will help your living room look tidier and wider because it significantly influences the perception of space.

​18. It doesn’t have to be big to be brilliant

 Any space is enough to create something amazing, so you should always try to convey your personality and style through the rooms in your home.

 Read on for more inspiring living room ideas.

 Translated from an article by Giovanni Olivares.

Which of these superb small rooms was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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