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7 tips to create a restaurant standard kitchen

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Everyone is aware of the advantages of a restaurant-standard kitchen—from huge worktops to hygienic flooring to perfect seating.  Perfect in both their accessibility and entertaining possibilities, creating your own version of a commercial-style kitchen is easier than you think. With most kitchen renovation companies and kitchen appliance companies acknowledging that homeowners seek dreamy kitchens - most have created commercial-style collections and design lines for residential interiors.  However, if these items aren't within your budget, do some research—look for second-hand or used shops that offer commercial-style appliances fit for your home!

It is a common misconception that restaurant-standard kitchens require large budgets and back-breaking work!  This is most certainly not true, and we are here to tell you that no matter what size home you have, the appliances, structural foundations and decorative details you choose can provide you with a kitchen that is truly breathtaking - and without breaking your budget! Below we have created a list of seven tips that will help you succeed in creating a restaurant-standard kitchen for your personal space!

Functional worktops

Professional worktops are advantageous in space, size and particularly hygienic qualities.  Most commercial kitchens opt for stainless steel worktops in their ability to resist stains and scratches—and their durability with using multiple types of cleaning solutions.  Stainless steel countertops are great in that that they are waterproof, stain-resistant and somewhat scratch-resistant—and even better, without breaking your budget.

Also, from a more decorative standpoint, stainless steel is a great material for kitchens because of its reflective qualities that work well with both natural and artificial light!  Stainless steel will almost instantly brighten up any space—and any imperfections that it accumulates over time will be seen as 'character' being built in, rather than an eyesore.

Another great option for worktops is concrete.  Concrete is both cost-effective and easy to install.  However, you should be warned that over time concrete will soak up most darker stains (wine, certain fruits, etc;) and is also not incredibly resistant to acidic ingredients (think lemons, limes, etc;)

For an example of how granite can be a great worktop, check out this example!

Underneath storage space

If you walk into any restaurant kitchen one of the first things you will notice is the rather large size of the pots, pans and cooking utensils—yet, nothing looks too cluttered or overcrowded.  This is because restaurant-style kitchens properly utilize both overhead and underneath storage space.  The reason why we will be focusing on underneath storage space is because in a residential, interior setting—it is more than likely not feasible to hang all of your pans overhead—as you want to keep the style and design of your kitchen clean and accessible.

Consider ovens that have pull-out storage space for larger items and cabinetry and drawers that will be large enough to hold all large utensils and cooking supplies.  For hygienic reasons, keep food and edible ingredients in overhead storage or cabinets and cooking utensils and pots and pans closer to the ground.  Utilizing underneath storage and cabinet space will allow for proper stovetop ventilation (as seen here) and for great, stylish light fixtures to be put in place, rather than old pots and pans hanging from the ceiling like an eyesore.

Industrial appliances

Hands down one of the best parts about a restaurant-style kitchen are the appliances! Great kitchen appliances are one of those items that will get almost any homeowners excited - whether you cook, or not!  The kitchen appliances you are able to choose will definitely depend on the availability from appliance collections and lines and most of all, the size of your kitchen space.

If you have the space for commercial-style ovens, refrigerators, and stovetops—lucky you!  If this is your case then consider dropping most of your budget on these items - rather than the design and decorating.  These items are what will make your kitchen work for years to come and remember, if you choose beautiful appliances they can offer a decorative technique and aesthetic all by themselves. We suggest that you opt for stainless steel appliances for both their look and durability to resist stains.

If you have a smaller kitchen area, consider the kitchen appliances you and your family use most often and invest your money there.  Perhaps choose a commercial-style convection oven for proper baking and a great refrigerator that can provide more food storage!

For ideas of how to place restaurant-style appliances in a smaller-sized kitchen, check this out!

Think about accessibility

A modern kitchen in rural location Urban Myth Modern style kitchen
Urban Myth

A modern kitchen in rural location

Urban Myth

One of the design components of a kitchen that most homeowners don't think about until it's too late is the accessibility that their kitchen offers.  If you've ever pulled out drawers only to have them hit each other, or opened the oven door only to discover that there's no room to stand behind it—then you know what we mean!

One way to avoid this is to hire a professional to lay out the design in accordance with the proper dimensions.  This will cost money, but we promise it is money well spent. However, if you think that you're perfectly capable of organizing the dimensions of your kitchen—then give it a try! DIY projects are always more difficult, but are also the most rewarding!

Another way to provide accessibility to your kitchen is to consider what this homeowner did, and let an island in the middle of the kitchen speak for itself.  With a wide and deep island you can knock-out all of the storage you need for utensils and also include the sink and stove top, so the cabinetry around the walls can be used for storage or decorative options! Consider making your kitchen accessible to the exterior of your home with sliding doors—as to make entertaining easier as well!

Have the proper fittings

Using proper fittings in your kitchen can be an advantage both stylistically and functionally.  Consider built-in shelving and organization systems to keep the exterior of your kitchen clean, hygienic and stylish.  There are plenty of kits and DIY projects that showcase the advantages of kitchen and pantry shelving systems.

Cooking for a family and entertaining guests can be tricky enough, but with the right fittings, all tasks can be easier! Pictured here we have a built-in shelving system used primarily for baking spices, seasonings and sauces—as well as an exposed shelving system to the right which allows for displaying dishes and the occasional sugar you might need for your coffee.  Exposed wooden shelving can be an easy project that you can complete yourself, and the range of wood, stains and paint offered will allow you to achieve almost any look you want!

Proper fittings can look great in almost any style kitchen—check out this country example, here!

The right flooring

In commercial- and restaurant-style kitchens, flooring is more of a hygienic and functional concern than a decorative one. We suggest you opt for tile flooring or better yet—concrete flooring.  Both types of flooring are beautiful, hygienic and can be maintained and cleaned with minimal upkeep.

We also suggest that when it comes to properly installing the right type of flooring for your new restaurant-style kitchen, that you leave it to the professionals.  When done correctly, flooring can last you several years, if not decades, in any home or environment. Concrete will require a bit more upkeep—but if you properly seal the concrete, it should remain stain- and scratch-resistant as well as waterproof for several months or even years.  Remember, the objective of restaurant-style flooring is to provide your kitchen with a hygienic and easily maintained system for all the cooking and entertaining you will be doing!

Add some bar seating

Quebec Way, Haggerston Rousseau Modern style kitchen

Quebec Way, Haggerston


Last but not least, consider the right seating arrangements for you newly stylized kitchen!  Bar seating is a perfect way to pull everything together—particularly if you took our earlier advice and created a sufficient worktop and proper storage.

Bar seating is a great decorative technique because if your home is too small for an adequate dining room table, then bar seating is an easy fix to this problem.  As seen in this example, if you have space for six to eight people at your dining table, then bar seating will provide extra space and also provide a more intimate setting.  Consider the concept of bar seating while you're entertaining—if guests arrive early or your family is in a rush to eat and leave in the morning, bar seating provides a way for your guests and family to be near you while you prepare and finish the menu items for the night—and can even allow them to help you out while feeling comfortable.  Even if your worktop or bar area only allows seating for one or two people—it's still one or two more people that can join you for an evening of great entertainment!

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Have you successfully created a restaurant-standard kitchen in your home? Give us some tips by commenting below!
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