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10 single-storey houses with completely different styles

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Anna & Eugeni Bach Mediterranean style house
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If you're looking for a new home on the market, or designing your own, one of the first considerations is whether to go for a one or two storey house. Both have benefits, two storey homes obviously allow for more space, and are better for large families, but they're also more difficult to clean and maintain, and for those with limited mobility having to climb up and down stairs everyday isn't all that appealing.

If this sounds like you, you're probably in the market for a single storey home, and today we're going to show you all kinds of different styles and approaches to help you pick one that's perfect for you. We'll be looking at classic suburban homes, minimalist masterpieces, and fun holiday escapes, that will show you just how much variation and innovation there is, and to prove that with clever planning and design, one storey is all you'll ever need!

1. Classic design

This is a 3D rendered image of a plan for a gorgeous classic suburban home, but with an amazing and expansive patio. While floor plans and architectural sketches can give you a good idea of how a house might look, with 3D rendered plans we get an exact picture, and this home looks stunning. Its classic red tile roof offers character to the pure white walls which make the patio a light and bright space.

2. New age brick home

SouthEast façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern houses

SouthEast façade


Brick is seen as a traditional material, and generally indicates a home has some decades under its belt, but this is an entirely contemporary design that uses brick to incredible effect. The minimalist structure features huge windows that look out to the backyard, but privacy is protected with a dividing wall, and tiny windows looking onto the street. Surrounded by a beautiful garden this home blends nature, history, and modern design into one fantastic whole.

3. High ceilings

For hot climates like Malaysia's you want as much air flow as possible in your home to keep it fresh, and prevent humidity from affecting the structure. You can do that with a high ceiling like they've used in this home, while the large thatched roof prevents too much direct sunlight from heating the home up to uncomfortable levels.

4. Minimalist and sophisticated

This home features full wall sliding doors that flood this space with sunlight, and a simple structure that is secondary to the interior design. The home features an open plan social space including the living room, dining room, and kitchen, all featuring stunning views of the garden, while the personal areas are more private, and hidden out back.

5. A modern country cottage

KROPKA STUDIO'S PROJECT Kropka Studio Modern houses
Kropka Studio


Kropka Studio

Set in a breathtaking landscape, this home takes its inspiration from classic country cottages, but upgrades it with new materials, and clever details like that timber window box. The walls are made from stacked stones encased in wire mesh, a really unique idea that's great for temperature control, and that perfectly complements the gravel driveway.

6. Trendy and new

Here we have another minimalist design, this time with varied ceiling height that allows for better air circulation, and more sunlight. Modern architects tend to incorporate large windows into the design in order to keep homes fresh and warm, and avoid moisture damage.

7. Compact and casual

Rear view of the new single storey extension ArchitectureLIVE Modern houses White

Rear view of the new single storey extension


With property prices steadily increasing, people are looking for ways to build compact homes that are still comfortable, and this project has nailed it. Barely bigger than a garden shed, this simple design has still managed to include an outdoor area, while the sloping roof is both practical and visually interesting.

8. A new twist

This home also takes the basic idea of traditional suburban homes, and updates it with modern elements like the enclosed patio. The pitched roof has varied levels, allowing for higher ceilings, as well as attic space. With a huge front yard this is the ideal home for raising kids.

9. Brick and plaster

Brick gives homes a rustic homely look, but it's also comparatively expensive, so using it for details like they have in this house is a great compromise. The stone looks great against the darker grey of the tile roof, while the white plaster is practical and helps to bring out the vibrant colours of the garden.

10. Elegant and summery

This home features a stunning pergola that is part of the structure of the house, creating a sheltered patio area inspired by Mediterranean design, but with a contemporary feel. We again see full wall windows that blur the line between the interior and exterior spaces, a fabulous idea if you have a backyard to ensure privacy. The straight lines of the design complement the perfectly manicured grass, making for an elegant and dignified summer home.

So many beautiful homes, and each one with a unique style to inspire and motivate you. If you loved the homes with sliding doors, then check out this article and you'll be ready to install your own!

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