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The 100 m² home ideal for the modern family

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It can be hard to fit a whole family into 100 square metres of space, yet the architects at Laura Galli Achritetto seemed to have no problem when presented with this task. The architects of this studio are famous for their simplicity, mild decoration and the pleasant atmospheres they create when designing a home, and to show you exactly what we mean, we picked the perfect home to showcase. 

Our home today has a style that's adaptable to many different customers and their needs, which is good news for those of you looking for any sort of inspiration. There is an elegant tone, yet one that is not overly formal, which gives the residents and all visitors a sense of style without the boisterous and overbearing undertones that some of the more luxurious homes impart.

Undoubtedly the living room and the kitchen are the highlights of this home, so why don't you go take a look!

A lesson in placement

We start off with a comprehensive view of the home. The living area, with it's fairly plain tone, makes a great impact and welcomes us with elegance. We are immediately struck by the contrast between the right and left wings of the space–a charcoal grey in the living room boldly offsets the pure white of the kitchen. As a delicate and practical addition to the kitchen, our architects designed a glazed glass wall at the opening to the kitchen in order to isolate smells without installing a distinct separation of environments.

Taking it easy

Rest and relaxation are easy to achieve in this calming, light-filled living room. Two floor-to-ceiling glass balcony doors maximise the brightness of the interior, and it's especially handy in this darker area of the home. Decoration is minimal, as it should be in a home with limited space. This helps to keep things feeling airy and open, and the parquet wooden floors give a warm touch to the home that simply can't be overlooked.

It's in the details

The white wall in front of the sofa continues, rich in details, for the whole length of the living area. While the portion directly in front of the sofa hosts the TV and various shelves, the other wing forms a small composition with carefully chosen objects: a special mirror and some ornaments complete the picture.

Ultra streamlined kitchen

The kitchen is a highly modern, formed networks of geometry comprised of essential, clean lines. The furnishings also exhibit this cleanliness, as the cabinetry has no handles. This creates a seamless transition between storage units and makes the kitchen appear more streamlined. The floor is dark in contrast to the basics and the white wall units. Here too we find the parquet flooring, to warm an environment that might otherwise be considered cold.

The bedroom

In this room, the style is kept in sync with the rest of the house as a modern and unadorned space. The only difference here is the use of colour. Ultramarine blue imparts an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, and pleasant contrasts like the white nightstand and headboard fit perfectly and create a timeless fit.

The apartment plan: before

Here is the apartment plan. The system is quite simple, the service areas, such as the guest bathroom, kitchen and utility room, are concentrated in the entrance, while the living room is the heart of the house. Finally there is the sleeping area, which occupies the terminal end with its own private bathroom.

The plan: after

The project mainly involved the finishes and furnishings. The guest bathroom has been expanded, so as to be used as the common, everyday bathroom for the residents and their guests. That aside, major structural interventions were not carried out, as the house was already fairly well-organized and functional and only the style was to be reviewed.

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How many interior design ideas did you gather from this home? We'd love to hear from you below!
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