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10 spectacular gates for the entrance to your garage

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When it comes to making a first impression, there are no second chances.

Do you want to take any risks when it comes to the presentation of your home? Of course not. The facade of your home is a visual business card—it sets a precedent for what visitors might find within, and it shows the world how much you value aesthetics, visual design, privacy and security. 

However, the hallmarks of good taste are varied and diverse. Any one of these grandiose gates would set the right tone—it all depends on your personal style. Check out these 10 top ideas and choose your favourite…

1. A steely nature

This impressive gate is made entirely of stainless steel, and is comprised of two sections. The main access door for cars makes up the majority of the design, but there is a sneaky little side gate for pedestrians to slip through, too!

Both gates are made up of symmetrical plates that feature a charming bamboo design. They look delicate and refined, but don't be fooled—these panels are as secure as they are stylish. Find a professional today to discuss including a similar design into the facade of your home.

2. Gaudi-style wrought iron

This spectacular, sinuous gate is a work of art. The basis of the design is made up of traditional wrought iron bars, around which the branches of a tree twist and wind.

It perfectly blends modern and traditional aesthetic values—the Victorian wrought iron template has been reinvented with an innovative, Gaudi-esque new design. It's graceful,  entrancing, and will let every visitor know that this is a home that values high-class style.

3. Boxes of light

This house combines modernist, minimal architecture with detailed, artistic gating. Light shines through the cutaway panels, making the outdoor entrance look both inviting yet aloof. The contrast between the sharp, straight lines of the home and the textured filigree of the gate and fencing creates a truly unique facade.

4. Safe and secure

Your home is your castle, so it makes sense to protect it as such!

This gate is ideal for families seeking privacy and security. It is made from two square widths of iron, which has been overlaid with grey wooden boards to make it look both stylish and secure.

5. Amazing art deco

Art deco lovers will fall head over heels for this stunning, 1920's inspired gate. Made up of swirling glazed panels and a metal frame, it glows in pastel hues as the outdoor lighting reflects the colour of the home's walls through the glass.

6. Functional and discreet

This gate idea is the perfect solution for homes in a less-than-safe area. The fencing and gate is made up of fine black horizontal rods, which wrap neatly around the whole house. 

However, the design is still transparent enough to allow passers-by look inside the beautiful, stylish home. It's the best of both worlds!

7. Natural privacy

Have you ever seen a house with a drawbridge before?! This fortress-like gate has a metal structure and it entirely covered with small, textured wooden boards. 

The same covering has been chosen for the front of the home, so when the gate is closed the whole home works as a compelling visual unit.

8. Metal and glass

This low-key industrial gate design leads straight into the garage, with a separate door for pedestrian access. It's cool, contemporary and low-key, but perhaps use reinforced glass to prevent any unwanted visitors from breaking in…

9. Optical illusions

We can't take our eyes off this dizzying design! Concentric diamonds in grey and white lead the way into this two car garage, creating a design that is both eye-catching and on-trend.

10. Industrial factory chic

This imposing gate is the entrance to a home that was once an old factory building. The original features have been retained as much as possible, including this black metal and glass window grid that fills the interior with light. This might just be the most striking gate on our list, but also the most unachievable—how many of us have the money to buy a converted warehouse?!

We hope you enjoyed checking out these diverse design possibilities! If you liked this article you'll love: 12 tempting fence designs for small houses.

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Which of these gates did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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