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 When you think about it, the living room is unique amongst the different areas of the home. Other parts of the home such as the kitchen may be used for things like having a quick chat with a visitor, but fundamentally they serve an already defined purpose. The living room on the other hand is like artwork: it serves no purpose other than the joy it provides, and if it’s like art, then it should look beautiful.

 Of course the living room does have a purpose of sorts; it’s where families relax, and where we spend time with friends and relatives, and if a living room is not comfortable then it can’t fulfil this purpose.  With all this in mind, it’s important to consider the interior and space composition of the living room seriously. To help you in this endeavour, today we’ll introduce you to various living room styles from an array of different professionals; hopefully helping you to find some inspiration! Let’s get started…

1. Scandinavian style with a slightly eclectic edge

3. All out Industrial

4. Subtle industrial style with a wonderfully warm atmosphere

6. Warm and natural wooden elements combined with stylish niches

7. Quirky and fun

8. Maximum natural light with minimalist style

10. Warm colours and wonderful textures

10. Space, light and an air of refinement

12. Cool, contemporary style and a superb stained-glass skylight

13. Mind-blowing mood lighting!

14.​ Glass galore for an open, upbeat atmosphere

17. A whimsical floor-plan for space and integration

19. Open-plan for a big, bright and beautiful space

22. A fantastic fusion of traditional Japanese and contemporary western style

 Read on for even more amazing living rooms.

 Adapted from an article by Kiyohide Hayasi.

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