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10 beautiful open-planed family homes from Japan

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 Japan is an intriguing country: it’s a world leader in technology, has the world’s third largest gross domestic product and simultaneously boasts a rich history steeped in culture and tradition; much of which is still pervasive today. Of course our focus is architecture and interior design, and on that front Japan doesn’t disappoint either; with wonderful architectural traditions, keen embrace of modern styles and a penchant for innovation, Japan has something for everyone. So with this in mind, today we’re taking a look at ten fantastic Japanese family homes. Let’s get started…

1. ​The quintessential family home

classic Garden by dwarf

 The first entry to our list is almost the embodiment of a picturesque family home with a spacious front yard and beautiful white fencing along the porch. Here we can see a slight mix of styles, thanks to the classic porch that brings to mind colonial European architecture in Asia.

​2. Space and light

 Undoubtedly, space is essential for a family, and there’s no shortage of that here! The home has a bright, warm feel thanks to the abundance of natural light and combination of light wood and white colours. The unconventional modern layout gives the property an interesting character; while the minimalist décor makes no secret of the fact that we’re in Japan where minimalism tends to be the order of the day.

​3. A Japanese take on industrial style

 Once again we find plenty of space for a young family to thrive; thanks in this example to the open, industrial design of this loft-style home. Although the home has a definitively industrial feel, there’s a Japanese twist to it too with the abundance of light toned wood in the design.

​4. Extremely open interiors

 Here we have a charming family home that exudes elegance in its simplicity. The essentially western style home has a few traditional characteristic that hint at the history of the culture from which it comes, such as the high, ornate ceiling, and shoji screen windows. However, the homes most attractive quality has to be the connection between the living room and garden, giving the interior an incredibly open feel.

​5. Scandinavian style, Japanese design

 Modern Japanese interior design blends brilliantly well with Scandinavian style as both share a preference for light wooden tones, white walls and a predominantly minimalist aesthetic; exemplified above by this beautiful Scandinavian style Japanese home.

​6. Space redefined

 A wonderful characteristic of contemporary Japanese design is the frequent disregard for how space in a home is typically defined; rather than following a traditional floor plan, Japanese architects frequently shape the space in intriguing and novel ways, like the astonishing living room pictured above.

​7. Innovative interiors

 Although contemporary Japanese interiors do tend to air of the minimalist side with a lot of wood prevalent in the design, there’s still plenty of room left within this trend for creativity and ingenuity. The home above serves as proof, with a lowered seating area – once again demonstrating how space can be used creatively – and the wonderful spectrum of colours blended into the walls.

​8. The heart of the home

eclectic Living room by 株式会社 建築工房零
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

 A family home needs a focal point, and what better for a focal point than the place where the family comes together to share a meal? This bright, modern home places the dining table at its core creating a living space that is inextricably linked to family life.

eclectic Living room by 株式会社 建築工房零
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

​9. Creating invisible barriers

eclectic Living room by 株式会社 建築工房零
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

 This home boasts an unbridled amount of open space thanks to wall-to-wall glass that virtually removes the barrier to external space, and a raised section of the floor that separates the spaces without enclosing them.

eclectic Kitchen by 株式会社 建築工房零
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

​10. Paying homage to tradition

 Finally, we have a modern Japanese home that pays homage to the past, with traditional elements such as ornate wooden beams and a shoji screen entrance.

eclectic Living room by 株式会社 建築工房零
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

 Venture further inside and we find that these traditional elements have been blended into a wonderfully warm, modern home.

 For more impressive Japanese architecture take a look at this beautiful family home.

Which of these fantastic family homes was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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