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14 beautiful house designs to consider as a future home

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Before building the house of our dreams we need to go through much consideration and research. The first important step is the design of the house. This very big step depends naturally on the skill of the architect.

Many times we see a sketch of a beautiful house which can be made into a reality. A good architect is passionately driven to realize a dream home and captivated by building on different model designs. This ideabook takes 14 beautiful house examples to inspire you to build your home. 

1. A house with a basement

Despite standing on a slope this home was built to have a good basement. Being uplifted the house created enough parking space for all family memebers.

2. Modern home

Small, simple and modern is this particular design model. If you like a small house that has just about everything you need such a lovely porch , living room and enough space in general, then this house is worth considering. 

3. Classic wooden home

This beautiful wooden home is perfect for those who seek to stay in touch with natural environment. The design is simple with enough stability including a strong cement base. When the leaves change color depending on the season the atmosphere surrounding the house adapts and is charming. We feel the that the house is truly made for the autumn season.

4. A modern home box

Modern homes are different, fresh and have unusual designs. Here we have a  house made to look like a wooden box. The windows are large almost resembling mirrors and provide amazing light and beautiful views. 

5. Modern country home

Using natural wood features in white and yellow a country home can be quite modern. This house stands out and is full of life. The tone and material makes it appear bright and clean. The porch, high ceilings, and a beautiful lawn are additional charms.

6. Stunning modern design

Front Elevation of Residential Project Moon Arc Modern houses Amber/Gold
Moon Arc

Front Elevation of Residential Project

Moon Arc

Now this is a house that cannot be overlooked or ever considered boring. This home has multi-dimensional layers and uses variety of materials and surfaces achieving a spectacular finish!

7. Smooth Scandinavian design

A unique house model which looks like a box of matches. It is a beautiful wooden house which has a simple design but an ever-lasting originality.The highlight is definitely the long balcony.

8. A white house

White homes have certain elegance and an untouched aura about them. This home is simple and clean, the white color combined together with shades of gray gives it that pleasant cool tone. 

9. A dream home

The house is a perfect dream home for a big family. Decorated in a modern contemporary style it would be a popular choice.

10. Strange and different

Not everyone likes classic and home-like design. Some people opt for unusual such as this house. Is this perhaps an unfinished house or a bridge? Nevertheless upon closer inspection it is a comfortable home that was carefully decorated. This design must be applauded for its different approacuh.

11. A warm home

This is a home which would appeal to any age. It is daring and bold but it is a warm house that is easily accessible. 

12. A gray house

The design is minimalist but definitely unique. It would awaken the interest of anyone who likes black and darker shades.

13. Rustical charm in modern optic

A modern straight line house that nevertheless has rustical aspect? As we can see it can be done. The emphasis is on making the house look like a vacation location at a beautiful resort. 

14. White art

A modern white house which is resembling a state of art. It is stylish, elegant and minimalist. All the ingredients for a perfect modern home.

Like reading about house design and modern homes? Take a look at this Ideabook for some more great tips!

Which of these house models have inspired you the most? Share your views with us!
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