5 bathroom renovations that will leave you in awe

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When you see how effectively someone else has renovated their apartment, it can be hard to refrain from the thought that maybe you need to do something more important than, say, buying new salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen. Springing for a serious change might be just what you need, especially if feelings of longing and a hint of jealousy accompany the sight of your friend's renovation. Renewal both in and outside the home is not a frightening inevitability, but a holiday of life on which you are the most welcome guest. And as soon as you are invited here, be fair to yourself, put on all the best and choose a new outfit for your home. Your home is an essential part of life, a reflection of you, so let it change into something as beautiful as you are.

In today's piece, we're showing you five bathrooms that have undergone transformations that are sure to inspire you even more to change the look and feel of yours. We hope you'll find what you're looking for!

Before and after: slight changes

European apartments show us the full range of possible exploitation—from the terrifying bathrooms, which are sometimes too scary to even enter, to quite clean and modern. This image shows one of the less terrifying ones. When new owners came into this home, they decided such a setup wasn't what they wanted or needed, so a few slight changes were made to optimise the look and feel. By getting rid of the bidet, they freed up space to put a hamper and toiletries next to the new toilet, and they also freed up more visual space so they could incorporate a larger sink basin. The result is a luxurious room with a light and natural finish.

After: the bathtub

For the bathtub, an incredibly spectacular design was used. It is covered with the same tile that is used for the floor and a sheet of crystal clear glass was installed to prevent spillage while showering. Additionally, built-in cabinets with sliding doors were installed under the sloping roof for easy access to towels and bath mats.

Before: inverted style

This bathroom shows subway tiles in an inverted and unaesthetic form. Sometimes people think vertical lines help elongate a small room, but it's all in the materials and colours that really defines that rule. Here, tick, pastel pink tiles were certainly not the answer.

After: cheeky chic

The space was so small that after the redevelopment, the owners decided to give it more space. And with more space, we have greater decorative freedom. Shabby chic was the design chosen for this room, which we can see in the scratchy and vintage-looking sink basin, as well as the soft pink walls. Here, the colour works to enlarge the space because there are no lines to confuse the eye–only pure, matte colour.

Before: well, it is big…

This bathroom has space, but not much else and could definitely benefit from the advice of a bathroom designer. With so many elements in one room amidst a dark and depressing brown colour palette, the room becomes chaotic and not very inviting when it comes to bath time.

After: style and class at last!

Now this is what we call a step up! Marble flooring and raw brick walls replaced the ugly brown tiles and new spaces were developed. A standing shower now occupies the corner where an ironing board once stood, and now we have a nice partition between the more private area (including the shower and toilet) and the sink and entrance to the bathroom. Now we only get the feeling of elegance and aristocracy in this new space.

Before: monochrome nightmare

This bathroom was wonderfully designed in terms of the layout, but it's the choice of materials and the colour again that make it a nightmare. Monochrome colour schemes aren't to be avoided, but you have to be careful when you choose a darker hue. Your space might end up looking cramped and uninspired like this.

After: repairs on a budget

That's much better! As you can see, not much about this bathroom was changed and it was done on a budget. All that's different are the colours and a few added accessories to liven the place up. The wall tiles were painted a nice light periwinkle, while the steps leading to the tub were painted a deep shade of blue. This contrast helps to open up the space and define it. Add a few cute and decorative bath toys and you've really upped the welcoming factor.

Before and after: moderation

Yellow is a great colour for the bathroom, but not like this. This time, the monochrome yellow makes each item appear to blend into the walls, and without defining features, the space looks dull to say the least. The new interior appeals to us with an organic combination of materials and adherence to interior trends. And again, only minor changes were made here. After seeing all of these transformations, you're not so intimidated to start your own, are you?

If there are more areas of your home you want to renovate, you should check out this enchanting transformation on a budget.

How many ideas did you gather from these transformations? Let us know below!

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