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Work and study spaces, 10 inspiring ideas

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A house is basically a place to find comfort, be closed to our loved ones and be sheltered from the harsh externalities. However, with the advent of technologies that make working away from home possible, the role of a house has also started to evolve from a place solely to rest to a place that can function as a distant office. Besides this, most of the families desire separate spaces where the kids could study without any distraction or the adults could read their favorite books in a peaceful ambiance. If you too are looking for some inspiration to create similar spaces, you should definitely read on further, we are sure you will find ideas that can be transferred to your dream house!

1. Connecting with the nature

Research says that we are the happiest and at peace when surrounded by nature, this gets all the more relevant when we speak of workspaces. This home office is set up along the external facade of the house so that the users can benefit from the beautiful views that nature has to offer. The combination of the elegant wooden flooring and the white walls further add on to the peaceful ambiance of the space.

2. For the entire family

This space was designed in a way that entire family can sit here and peacefully study or carry on activities that demand a quite ambiance. The entire space revolves around the center table around which chairs, seating spaces, and storage cabinets are arranged to provide the users with a compact yet highly functional workspace. Wood is the primary element of design and it does extremely well to impart a sense of warmth whereas the elegant light fixture and window opening covered by horizontal blinds ensure that the space stays well illuminated even on the cloudiest of days.

3. In the attic

The best part of such study spaces is that they do not demand a separate room in the house. Quite often, a simple unused loft can be effectively converted into a peaceful study space that is adequate enough to accommodate a seating unit and shelves to store books. In the case of this loft, the architects have arranged the study space along the window opening in order that the user benefits from the natural light and pleasant external views that the surroundings has to offer. 

4. An artistic setup

Separated by a partition wall, this workstation provides the user with a complete view of the office area on the other side. The simple layout allows enough space to accommodate the computer as well as books and other study material.

5. Elegant charm

Stacked on both sides by neatly designed wooden shelves, this space is perfect for professionals whose working style requires a lot of reading. The large balcony ensures that the work table is provided with ample of natural light during the day, while the artistic hanging lamp ensures additional illumination in case of extended working hours. 

6. Creative space utilization

Having a separate space to store books and study materials could be quite a task, especially in houses that are compact in size. However, one can always make creative use of residual spaces as is seen in this house where the architects have utilized the space behind the railing to fabricate book shelves.  

7. Wooden charm

Wooden rafters typically carry a very old-school charm with them. The architects here have gone one step ahead and creatively used the rafters in such a way that they become a part of the bookshelves. The combination of the white walls and the wooden elements looks very sleek while the natural light that floods the space adds a whole new dimension to the entire space.

8. Rustic ambiance

Built in a small corner of the room, this study space looks very artistic courtesy of its retro-styled work table that has a dual tone of beige and bottle green shades. The simple wooden ledge built above the table looks sleek and provides its users with adequate storage space. However, the best part of the setting according to us is the longer than mid-height partition that provides privacy as well as ensures adequate light and ventilation in the study area.

9. Built-in with the bed

This study table is creatively fabricated as an extension of the bed's headboard. Through this, the architects have not only saved on precious carpet area but have also ensured that the users are provided with an efficient working space with a pleasant ambiance. 

10. Minimalism at its best

This house utilizes an entire wall facade in which symmetrically stacked compartments are utilized to store books and other study materials. However, what we loved the most is the seating area which is designed between two columns, a feature that looks more like a photo frame through which we can get the view of the shelves on the other side of the room.

11. Class apart

This entire space is built with extremely high-quality materials that give it a very luxurious and sleek appeal. The combination of teak flooring, gray walls, and the bright orange chair looks particularly impressive whereas the antique looking metal light fixtures add a distinct vibe to the entire space. The work table also benefits immensely from the two large windows that flood the space with natural light and ensure a refreshing and lively ambiance.

If you loved these ideas and would like to know more, you must definitely read Your simple guide to home office productivity

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