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If you your garden is starting to feel a little bit stale, it may be time to give it a revamp. This doesn't mean you have to bring in carpenters and landscape architects though, because today we're looking at projects that you can do yourself! Whether you do it for the love a good challenge, or simply to give your budget a break, DIY projects are a great way to put your own stamp on your home, and infuse you garden with personality and character.

There's projects for every skill level, from the seasoned DIY expert, to the curious novice, so whether this is your first or hundredth DIY project you're sure to find something to keep you busy over the warm months. The one thing all of these projects have in common though is that they are substantially cheaper than hiring professionals, after all we've got all of the expertise you need right here!

1. Recycling timber

Timber looks great in the garden as the organic colours perfectly complement the plant life. If you have some old timber lying around, don't throw it out, incorporate it into your garden!

2. Hanging garden mobiles

This fantastic idea takes the basic premise of a mobile, but uses hanging plants instead. These unique organic planters can hang safely from any angle, creating a floating garden, but if you use more traditional pots it will require a little more stability.

3. Miniature wooden houses

This is a really fun project for the whole family. Using cardboard or old bits of timber you can build tiny little houses as an adorable decoration.

4. Timber garden paths

Building a timber garden path is super easy, but will have a huge impact on your garden, making it a much more interactive space, not to mention protecting the grass and flowers!

5. Water features

While you will need a professional to set up the plumbing for an outdoor fountain, decorating it is up to you, and this piece of petrified wood makes this area look like a natural waterfall.

6. Bird baths

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Floriana Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Feature


There's nothing quite as soothing as the flutter of bird wings in the garden, so attract them to your outdoor area with a bird bath.

7. Repurposing an old sink

If you're doing renovations in your home you may find you end up with a lot of seemingly unusable leftovers, but as you can see here a bathroom sink makes for a charming planter.

8. Rope swing

GERONIMO - a monkey swing Green Oak Furniture Ltd Garden Furniture
Green Oak Furniture Ltd

GERONIMO—a monkey swing

Green Oak Furniture Ltd

Whether you want to keep the kids busy, or you want to create a romantic and magical atmosphere, a rope swing is incredibly easy to set up, all you need is a tall enough tree to hang it from.

9. A cactus garden

For the ultimate in low maintenance gardening try creating a cactus garden. Cacti require very little care, and will get most of the moisture they need from the atmosphere, so it really is a matter of set and forget, but they look spectacular.

10. A magical parasol

If you want a little shelter for your patio, instead of buying a giant outdoor umbrella, you could instead mount a regular umbrella on the ground to create a fantastical illusion.

11. Cheap and easy

Watering can Light Garland ELLA JAMES Garden Lighting

Watering can Light Garland


You can gather any unused items in your house and use them to create a shabby chic garden feature like they have here with a couple of old stools and buckets.

12. A stone path

This project will take a little bit of time and planning, but the payoff is definitely worth it as a stone path creates the vibe of a royal botanical garden.

13. Build your own outdoor furniture

No DIY list is complete without mentioning wooden pallets. They can be used to build almost anything, but our favourite has to be these sofas, which come on wheels so that you can easily rearrange your garden, or just chase the sun!

14. Planters

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot Rowen & Wren Garden Plant pots & vases
Rowen & Wren

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot

Rowen & Wren

Old buckets, containers, and jars make for ideal planters, and they won't cost you a thing!

15. Bamboo fence

For an exotic natural look try building your boundary fence from bamboo. It requires little more than a good supply of bamboo and some string to tie it all together, and it looks beautiful.

16. Flowering vines

Creeping and climbing vines are a great way to camouflage your fences and garden structures, covering them in greenery and vibrant flowers.

17. Wall planter

A vertical planter will turn any wall into a garden, making it a good solution for people with small outdoor areas. Plus if you use it to grow herbs you'll be able to cook fresh aromatic meals any time you want! This planter has been built from an old gate, and the ornate iron details really complete the look.

18. Old wells

If you're lucky enough to have an old well you should incorporate it into your garden, either by filling it in and using it as a barbecue or fire pit, or arranging your garden to draw focus to its charm. Of course if you don't, you could always build one yourself using old stones.

Well there's plenty of ideas here to keep you busy for a few weekends! We've got more great garden inspiration right here.

Which of these ideas do you want to try? Tell us in the comments!

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