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Roof terrace designs, 20 lovely examples

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If you're lucky enough to have a top floor apartment, then we think you should take full advantage of that gift by designing a fabulous outdoor area perfect for relaxing, entertaining, or simply taking in the breathtaking views. There's all sorts of different things you can do with a rooftop or top floor balcony, from creating recreation rooms to al fresco dining areas, and even spa pools, the only limit is your imagination.

That's why today we're looking at some of the most impressive top floor balconies here on homify. Some of the designs we'll see push the boundaries of what's possible with outdoor areas, with extravagant decorations, and outdoor furniture luxurious enough for the living room, while others are simple, pared back, and all about admiring the view. Whatever you're own sense of style, you're sure to find some examples in here that push you to pursue your own dream of a fabulous balcony, and even if you're not on the top floor, you'll still find plenty of inspiration!

1. Compact but stylish

You don't need a lot of space to be able to take advantage of the beautiful city views, just enough for a dining table and a sofa for after dinner cocktails, especially if your balcony looks as trendy and modern as this!

2. Luxurious outdoor furniture

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Ristrutturazione appartamento 50 mq

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Outdoor furniture has traditionally been made from nothing more than wicker or wood in order to stand up to the elements, but these days there are plenty of options on the market that are comfortable and luxurious enough for the living room, but resilient to water damage. This balcony takes full advantage of that, creating a cosy space to enjoy the sunshine.

3. Expansive and impressive

This is a true rooftop balcony, spread over the entire floor, and big enough for a huge party. The balcony features multiple areas, including a dining and chill out zone, all beneath a contemporary take on the pergola, while plenty of lights ensure the party can continue long into the night.

4. An open plan living area

This set up looks just like an open plan living area, with a kitchen, dining room, and living room, the only difference is its outside! With lighting beneath the creeping vines on the wall creating a stylish atmosphere, this space is perfect for summer lovers who like to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.

5. A covered bar

On the roof of this apartment building you'll find a cosy personal bar. The bar itself is covered, ideal for Malaysia's rainy season when the temperatures are still high, and the huge open space is full of potential; we're thinking dance floor!

6. Spa pool in the sky

Spa pools are a fantastic addition to any balcony, allowing you to be toasty and relaxed regardless of the weather. The artificial turf is a great way to create garden vibe in the inner city, and really complements the timber of the home and spa pool.

7. Breathtaking

This balcony has been set up to take advantage of the absolutely spectacular views, while still providing protection from the sea winds, and the best part is there's enough seating for everyone to enjoy!

8. Ultra modern

This incredible modern design features an absolutely massive balcony, complete with an avant-garde pergola, comfortable seating, and a fire pit for toasting marshmallows! The balcony is incredibly hip and contemporary, but cosy enough not to be intimidating.

9. Fun for the kids

This old fashioned balcony features gorgeous white boundaries with carved bannisters for a colonial vibe that contrasts the rest of the building. This creates a contained, magical space to escape from the rest of the world, while bright colours and the artificial turf make it a fun play area for the kids.

10. Recreation room

With both a foosball and ping pong table this balcony is all about fun, with large sails protecting it from direct sunlight and rain, so you can play no matter the weather. What a great way to blow off steam after a hard day's work!

11. Immaculate design

You may have noticed a lot of these spaces are designed and arranged with the dedication and care of an indoor space; just because it's outside doesn't mean it's not an integral part of your home. Perhaps the most impressive element of this design is the kitchen area built around a charcoal grill.

12. An outdoor kitchen

In this space with a blend of Mediterranean tiles and timber flooring for the kitchen and dining area, we find a pergola with a plastic cover to protect the electrical appliances from the rain. We just love those exotic tiles used for the kitchen and bar!

13. Vibrant colours

This amazing balcony features multiple seating areas of vivid red chairs that complement the bright green of the artificial turf creating a fun and vibrant space.

14. Multiple levels

Decorated with gorgeous trees, and beautiful timber, this balcony features an upper level with a swimming pool! This is a great lesson in being opulent without being ostentatious.

15. Relaxed and casual

You don't need to spend thousands to get a dream balcony, all you need is a barbecue and somewhere to enjoy the meal. An amazing view doesn't hurt though!

16. Mediterranean style

This Mediterranean styled balcony features a pergola with a retractable thatched covering for ultimate control over the space; you can shelter from the sun at midday, then roll it back to catch some of those gentle afternoon rays.

17. Classic meets modern

This is a building with a lot of history, but at the very top you'll find a brand new addition in this gorgeous home. With the interior opening completely to the balcony the line between the spaces is blurred.

18. Vintage and adorable

The designers of this balcony have played to the strengths of this vintage space with beautiful flowers to match the bright purple chairs, and an ornate iron shelter.

19. Bean bags!

There's nothing more comfortable than bean bags, making them the perfect candidate for relaxing at dusk with a glass of champagne. The cacti are another great touch; they are super low maintenance plants that look unique and interesting.

20. Towers

This stunning and elegant design not only suits the gorgeous surroundings, it also creates a truly enchanting space, with mood lighting and delicate furniture. This balcony looks like it's straight out of a fairytale!

So many amazing designs, but really all that matters is that you create a space that is relaxing and enjoyable. If you love the idea of having a spa pool on your balcony, then check out this article!

Which of these is your dream balcony? Tell us in the comments!

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