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10 small bathroom ideas to be easily copied

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When we are faced with a possibility of owning a small bathroom various concerns and uncertainties immediately arise. For example, we do not wish to overload the already small space with too many objects but similarly we do want decoration and a homelike feeling in our bathroom. What can be done? We can play with different ideas, colors and designs to make our small bathroom functional and fun.

Today we look at 10 such small bathroom examples that you will simply have to copy! 

1. Raw materials

Natural earthy materials like stone or cement can make you feel as if you are entering a cave each time you enter your bathroom. And we do not mean this in a negative way, quite on the contrary, we see this as being serene and intimate, a truly welcoming space. What is more, these types of natural materials have a positive impact on our senses and stress levels. Imagine taking a walk in the wood or visiting a lake. We feel in touch with nature and simply more relaxed.

In addition to this, we have to say that these raw materials go well with modern, minimalist styles and if you prefer such style then this is the perfect bathroom for you.

2. Simple and sophosticated

This small bathroom shows us just how well a neutral color palette creates a light space that is both serene and attractive. If you nevertheless want to have some extra color then why not boost your bathroom with a touch of bright color such as these blue tiles in the shower. 

3. Perfect lighting

Good and proper lighting can enhance small spaces in a surprising way and illuminate accessories, details and overall bathroom design. Everything consists of placing it in a strategic way. Naturally beforehand a detailed and thorough study of the peculiarities of the room have to be taken into consideration.

4. Close proximity

Having all the bathroom items close by hand is a good and practical idea.However you have to apply enough ingenuity so you do not find it all a bit too much. A good interior designer can help with this obstacle. One of the advantages is that you do not need a lot of furniture, having everything at close proximity is very functional.

5. A touch of nature

When you manage to connect your bathroom with the outside world you can achieve almost immediately amazing brightness. The ways to achieve this are many but the most common one and with an almost immediate result is a large glass window , doors  or skylights.

6. Sense of continuity

As we can see in this bathroom design, creating an intimate connection between bathroom and the place where you dress and arrange everything related to your personal space makes the room much larger and more functional. This is very practical because you have a direct access to your clothes and accessories immediately after your shower.

7. Ample storage

Believe it or not, much of the space in your bathroom is taken away by general items such as toilet paper, shower cap, hand soap, towels, bathrobes and the likes. This means that a good storage is an absolute necessity in a small bathroom because otherwise it looks simply messy. It is not only practical idea to have good storage, optically it looks nicer.

8. Wooden furniture

This bathroom has certain charms which consist of a simple decoration and soft colors that give it that warm and welcoming appearance. Including wood in the furniture is often a visual enhancement on many levels, it makes the room cozy and it is beautiful to look at. Nevertheless when it comes to wood you should consider simple furniture shapes as there are also extremely ostentatious pieces of wood, which although attractive, absorb dimensions and their presence in small places can be counterproductive.

9. Tilework

When it comes to tiles in the bathroom it can make or break a room. It can make it spectacular but it can also be damaging if wrong type of tiles were chosen. In this design we can see how the shape of the tiles in the shower bring character and charm to the bathroom, and distracts the attention away from the size of the room.

10. A large mirror

One classic way to create more space in a bathroom, in fact any small room, creating that illusion of amplitude, is to install a large and expansive mirror. This works every time. It reflects the room itself and makes the space look much bigger, as well as interesting. 

Need some more inspirations on bathroom design, then read this Ideabook!

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What do you think of small bathrooms? What are you tips to make them more functional? 
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