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Top 5: decorating and renovating on a budget

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For your comfort and convenience, we here at homify like to take our most viewed posts for the week and gather them all together for you. Why? Because we know what you want to learn most and we can't think of a better way to show you we're listening than to sum up your inquiries in one neat and tidy article.

This week, you were curious about interior decoration and home renovation, but you also aren't too keen on breaking the bank to do it. So today, we've gathered together our best suggestions for those of you on a budget. And it's not just cheap alterations we'll be talking about. We're also going to go over how you can choose the perfect wall colour and furniture for your home, and then we'll show you a few inspiring façades that have undergone renovations themselves. 

We hope you enjoy your money-saving ideas and get some good inspiration for your home!

1. 12 ideas for designing your kitchen on a budget

As always, we had many inquiries about the kitchen this week. This time, you want to know how to best design your space by spending the least amount of money. This example shows us what we can accomplish with multi-functional furnishings. In small homes especially, it's great to have furniture that serves more than one purpose, such as a bench that has storage options underneath. This room gives us more than one example of multi-functional furnishings. First, the kitchen island and breakfast table function as both a work space and an eating area respectively, but together they create a room divider between kitchen and dining room. In the background, we have multi-purpose shelving units for storing pots and pans and even the oven and microwave.

Check out the rest of these ideas and see how many you can mix and match!

2. 10 ways to decorate your home on a budget with IKEA furniture

Anyone who loves Scandinavian furniture has surely heard of IKEA before. They are famous for their stylish furnishings at affordable prices. This loft-style lounge area has been completely outfitted with bookshelves, throws, furnishings and a carpet all from IKEA. And the best thing about IKEA designs is that they come in a multitude of sizes and styles and you can even choose the orientation of some pieces, such as L-shaped sofas, meaning no matter what, you'll get the look you want.

If you're curious about how to decorate other rooms of the home, these nine other ways you can use with IKEA furniture will certainly come in handy.

3. How to extend your home on a budget

Home extensions are what many homeowners strive for and fondly dream of, but we know they're not always within budget. Luckily, we have a few suggestions that would look good in any home and you won't have to deplete your life's savings to do it! This is an example of what you can achieve buy building a cabin in the garden around your home. Adding a cabin is much cheaper than adding another room to your home because it's sectioned off from the main building, meaning no structural remodeling is required. And you'd be surprised at how affordable timber decking is. 

This isn't the only suggestion we have for you. By reading the rest of our ideas, you can see how you can extend your home from the inside, too.

4. These 18 photos will help you choose the perfect wall colour and furniture

How many of you struggle to find the perfect wall and furniture colour combination? Too many to count, truth be told, and who could blame you? There are way too many options out there for this to be an easy choice. So to help you decide what would look best, we have 18 photos of different room styles and colours and how they look with certain furnishings. Some are rustic, some are modern, but they're all gorgeous. In this room, bare exposed brick in neutral brown with hardwood flooring is best paired with lighter coloured furnishings and softer lines to offset the harsher lines of the brick and ceiling beams.

And if you think this room looks awesome, just wait until you see the other styles.

5. 8 facades that look amazing after a good renovation

Now to complete the whole picture. If you have things you want to renovate on the inside, chances are there are a few things you'd like to change on the outside as well, especially if you're changing your interior design scheme. You'll definitely want a façade to match. This home was once a spooky-looking farmhouse, all decrepit and with unflattering fencing strewn about. Now, the façade is clean and inviting, and the professionals here even added a nice driveway and front garden with a pond!

There are more inspiring façades here just a click away!

How many ideas did you gather from these articles? We'd love to hear what you have planned in the comments section below!
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