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9 ideas to reupholster your living room sofa

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If you have a couch that is still in a good condition however no longer new and shining then why throw it away? On the contrary, it is better to take advantage of its solid structure and reupholster it. This way you will take care of your finances and invest only in fabrics that are to your liking instead of buying a new couch. This is very simple and all you need is enough creativity to improve your room. 

In this Ideabook we explore wonderful examples of reupholstered furniture. The fabrics have incredible designs and if you prefer custom design you can make your room fresh, modern and innovative!

1. Choose the oldest sofa to reupholster

In every house there is a piece of furniture that no longer has the means to stay perfect and new because over time it loses its capacity to stay intact. But instead of throwing it away we can look at our options to renew its appearance and make it fresh again. Change of fabric makes a substantial difference.

2. Upholstering is very easy

What sometimes stops us to even consider reupholstering is the fear that it is too difficult and that it takes too much of our time. However changing the appearance of your sofa is not difficult you just need to take the correct measurements to make the mold of each piece and you need to take off each part to mount on the old fabric. What we have here as an example are two armchairs lined with floral fabric which are suddenly looking fresh and full of life. Extra few orange cushions and everything looks well combined.

3. Mix and match

The professionals of REDESIGN INTERIORS show us this incredible living room full of colorful and fun textures, which despite not being exactly the same are made to blend perfectly to suit each other. A good idea is to highlight a particular area imposing a particular bohemian style which is not conventional and as such easier to play with different colors. Note how this two-seat sofa has different upholstery: one flowered and one with different colors.

4. Reusing folding chairs

Most of upholstered folding chairs loose their material through wear and tear over the years. This can happen very quickly particularly in summer when the sun is strong so that the colors fade and the material itself loses its elasticity and tears. If you see any breaks in your chair material simply change the fabric. 

5. A cozy sofa

What is so exciting about reupholstering is that it gives you so many options. Imagine you can choose from hundreds of designs: stripes, dots, flowers, animals. Whatever pleases you would be at your fingertips and at low cost. We recommend visiting different stores to analyze the prices and be clear how many meters of cloth you will need.

6. White tone

White tone is truly one of our favorites as it brings light and aesthetics to each room. However, it is one of the most complicated tones in regards to its care and maintenance. You should choose a leather upholstery instead of fabric to prevent it getting dirty too quickly. In a room which is small, white is also an added bonus as it makes the room appear visually larger.

7. Protecting the furniture

This is one of the most versatile options we have for you today. You might not have to change the complete upholstery of your favorite sofa but if you want to freshen it up it you can choose a certain colorful fabric as a throw on. Instead of reupholstering the furniture you only need to mount the fabric over to protect it.

8. Old can be new again

Your decorator skills will be tested with this new idea of taking advantage of old furniture and upholstering it with more fashionable fabrics. If you have your grandmother's dresser that no one wants then simply give it a new updated look. We bet that after making this change everybody would wonder where this new dresser came from. 

9. New design makes a new room

Mixing the textures as well as designs is not easy when it comes to upholstery. What you should consider before buying the meters of fabric is how they will appear in the house. Taking a sample is a smart move when you want to test whether it will match the other furniture.Here we have a carpet which matches the newly upholstered armchairs in a way that makes the room different and quite new.

Want more inspirational ideas on decoration and furniture then read this Ideabook!

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