10 sliding doors that divide spaces

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Some of our favourite interior design schemes have an open-plan interior, meaning that living room, kitchen and dining room all share the same space. Some of us living in studio apartments even have to share that space with our bedrooms. Although the openness is exactly what we love about this design, it can sometimes be problematic when it comes to privacy or simply when we want to change things up a bit in the interior. But instead of installing a door that would ruin this scheme, we have another suggestion and one that's not too far off: the sliding door.

Sliding doors offer many more benefits than a simple hinged door, and we're using this piece to explain exactly why. We have 10 sliding door examples to give you ideas on how you can best divide your interior spaces, and we have a great mix of styles to show you so no matter what your preference, we'll have a solution.

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1. Industrial fever

Steel resin sliding doors and cupboard Ligneous Designs Sliding doors
Ligneous Designs

Steel resin sliding doors and cupboard

Ligneous Designs

When you have an industrial-style home, you love the warehouse look that gives an unfinished appearance to your home. Metallic surfaces, raw wood and even vintage furniture characterise your interior, so if you want a sliding door to match this aesthetic, you'll find this first idea to be quite interesting. A pure white door sandwiched between two silver sheets of metal gives your home industrial flair and gives your private quarters freedom from interference.

2. Elegant options

This next sliding door option solves the problem of keeping kitchen smells in the kitchen while also giving you visibility of it. The opaque design is perfect for simple, elegant interiors looking to add just as much style as they are function.

3. For the bathroom

No space needs more privacy than the bathroom, so why not have a sliding door installed to close it off? This wooden design works wonderfully in any interior. Match it to the wall material and the door will look like a part of the wall itself.

4. For the minimalist

This minimalist interior was boosted with a simple black sliding door with clear glass windows. Amidst an all-white colour scheme, it really makes the partition stand out.

5. Graceful

When you want to enter your bedroom with grace and poise, these solid timber doors are just what you need. This is the perfect style for the country home and goes great with matching hardwood flooring.

6. Opaque

Open-plan homes are all about open communication, but with this sliding door option, you have more versatility. Now kitchen smells can stay in the kitchen and you can close the door and forget about the mess you've left while you and your guests snuggle on the sofa and watch a post-dinner movie.

7. Something different

You don't have to dedicate an entire wall to your sliding door design. The doors themselves can take up as much space as a regular hinged door, but with a bit more class and intrigue.

8. Transparent all the way

Want to divide spaces and make it look like you haven't? Then clear glass is your answer! Check out how amazingly integrated this space looks and feels.

9. A chalkboard

If ordinary really isn't your style, we've got a great suggestion for you here. In the kitchen, there are loads of things you need to remember. You have your grocery list, and your recipes, and you probably even have a bunch more to remember, like when to pick the kids up from school. To solve all these problems and more, get a chalkboard for the kitchen. To make it even cooler, install it as part of a sliding door.

10. Integrating spaces

We didn't just want to mention what we could do to separate interior spaces, so we've included this lovely option for you–the sliding door to the patio. This door option closes off the living room from the exterior but also effectively makes the patio an extension of the interior. Amazing!

If you liked these ideas and are looking for other ways to separate spaces, check out these partitions that add exceptional beauty to your home.

Where do you want to add a sliding door in your home? Let us know below!

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