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The discovery on today’s homify 360° is not just a modern dream house dipped in luxurious surroundings, it also presents a unique solution to a common problem.  

What do you do when your house is located within walking distance from the glorious Mediterranean sea, yet the surrounding neighbours’ houses and vegetation ensure that you receive a less than superb beach view? Simple: you build your swimming pool on your roof, ensuring an exclusive outlook on that splendid sea while swimming or sunbathing! 

Dutch firm Wiel Arets Architects takes the credit for the stunning structure and layout of the “Jellyfish House” (as they dubbed their beauty), while applause for the fantastic surroundings and landscape must go to Marbella, Spain. 

So, without any further ado, let’s start delving into some glamour with this unique architecture, stylish interiors, and an exceptional swimming pool.

Do a double take

Jogging or driving past this creation already makes you do a double take at its stunning façade. Its modern style differs significantly from the neighbouring houses, of which most were built in the more exotic Andalusian style. And the glass-glazing bottom of that roof is a prime eye-catcher: a quick glance makes it look like a mere skylight, but a more focused look, or the sight of a swimmer splashing about, will reveal its true nature. 

This modern creation is organised around two paths of movement for its residents: a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ set of stairs, both of which intertwine and cross through the house’s four levels. The ‘fast’ stairs lead from the exterior to the roof and is enclosed in glass, physically separating it from the house’s interior. 

A series of long treads and short risers make up the ‘slow’ stairs, which span the entire length of the house, straight from the ground floor’s main entrance to the roof. While it is indoors, it is also connected to the exterior elements.

Natural living spaces

A modern and sturdy mix of concrete and glass makes up the 650 square metre house, ensuring a robust building with a light character. The cool feel of the concrete flooring is a perfect contrast against the scorching Spanish sun, and a more-than-welcome addition for when we just want to do nothing but walk barefoot and take multiple dips in that gorgeous pool. 

Because of the layout where indoor and outdoor spaces merge, the surrounding landscape is brought into the house, ensuring not just a healthy helping of natural lighting, but also a cool and airy flow throughout the interior rooms.

A light and clear interior

Once inside, we notice that, in addition to the concrete and glass, the layout is sprinkled with metal elements and clever lighting additions. So, while natural lighting takes care of crystal-clear vision by day, comfortable illuminations are guaranteed by nightfall.  

Five bedrooms are located in this modern mansion, with two guest bedrooms housed on the basement level that connects onto an extensive private terrace exclusively for guests. The ‘slow’ staircase leads from the main entrance to the guest bedrooms below, functioning as a unique stand-alone entity. 

For your inspiration (and pleasure), take a look at some modern-style bedrooms to stir those interior creative juices.

Transparent support

A few select designer furniture pieces and décor elements round out the interior style, subtly blending in with the modern layout and neutral colour scheme. This mixing and matching exudes an ambiance loaded with serenity and exclusivity. 

Soft whispers of airy white curtains ensure some shade and privacy, and play a delightful part in this chic environment. Smoothly polished concrete adorn the walls, ceilings and floors, ensuring a touch of gleaming coolness. 

The structure is supported by one column at the right-rear edge of the pool, and several smaller columns near the rear-dining terrace. Non-concrete walls boast a delicate glazing (seen here), adding to the lightness of the visual ambience and natural illumination of the interior spaces.

A view that goes up and down

A spacious terrace is located right underneath the pool, where a 6 cm thick glass floor ensures an otherworldly, aquarium-like view of the swimmers above. Add the filtering rays of the Spanish sunlight through the water and glass, and you have a dazzling aquatic light shimmering down on the lounge area underneath the pool. 

A panoramic window on the pool’s interior-facing side allows for a clear view from pool to kitchen and vice versa. Constructed inside the pool is an underwater bench, tracing its entire length and ensuring a prime spot for those who prefer to enjoy their ocean views while partially submerged in aquatic coolness. 

This swimming spot is not just a modern and unique touch; it can also be seen and experienced from nearly all areas of the house, almost making it one of main residents (and certainly the most popular).

Reaching for the ocean

The rooftop pool weighs nearly 60,000kg. With its infinity edge, it merges strikingly with the glimmering ocean in the distance, and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. 

Sharing the roof area with the pool is a spacious terrace, the perfect spot for taking advantage of that sun and socialising with friends and cocktails. 

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