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Do you have an eye for modern homes? If you do, you'll love this tour we have in store for you. Today on homify, we're taking you to the Fukuoka Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. We have a very exciting private housing structure to show you. Created and designed by Artect Design in October of 2013, this one-storey, airtight insulated structure has a total area of 134 square meters and sits on top of a total site area of 322 square meters, making it an enormous building with gorgeous, spacious surroundings.

Many modern houses have a few geometric touches in it. We speak of geometric volumes, shapes, and lines but some houses simply stand out more because of their superb design, and the OKK House is definitely on that list.  Let's take a look!

Geometrically Sound

The first thing you can notice about this marvellous structure is the perfect geometric symmetry throughout. Many contemporary houses combine different geometric shapes for the exterior, but as we see here, a simple square design work just as well in creating that wow-effect, if not better than haphazardly pasting different shapes together. Looking bold and strong with its geometric characteristics, this house exhibits an unbeatable modern design and adds touches of nature with the surrounding ferns.

The OKK House also make use of different materials to create varying textures on the exterior. In the façade, we have reinforced concrete and black wood clad combined to create a distinguishable perspective.

At Dusk

The traditional form and structure of houses are slowly being replaced by new and exciting inventions. In a world where innovation is bursting at the seams, new shapes and angles are being embraced in architectural design, pushing the limits of old approaches and procedures and setting the tone for new ones. For new architects trying to make their first impressions, mapping a unique home like this is a good place to start.

Two parallel square-shaped portions of the house are joined together with a glass enclosed bridge making it look exquisite in its straight lines and edges. This bold housing concept makes it look especially cool at dusk and in the evening. The contrast between the deep blue sky and the golden yellow radiating from within sets a calming mood without compromising trendiness.

Open Up!

The OKK House makes excellent use of the space with its open floor plan design. As we know, open floor plans are becoming more and more popular, making up the majority of today's bestselling houses. Homes with open floor plans combine the kitchen and adjoining living room into a single, large gathering space where family and friends can interact during the entire course of a visit, not just for the meal. The result is a home that encourages a more modern relationship between the conventional kitchen and the traditional living spaces such as the living and dining room.

You can also see how beautiful this interior looks thanks to the hardwood flooring. Everything is so surpassingly ergonomic and well thought out that we really are almost lost for words but let us try to recover and point out some of the most inspired elements at play.

All That Natural Light

There's no shortage of natural light that can find its way inside this beautiful private housing structure. We can see the perfect incorporation of large glass sliding doors and windows close to the ceiling to bring in light at all hours of the day – from morning, to high noon, to the soft evening glow, the OKK House is always illuminated. The light colour palette of the walls also aids in bringing in and keeping that natural light that seeps through these windows. Combined with the neutral coloured furniture, this modern design makes for the best of the best when it comes to space utilization and light maximization.

And what's more, the utilization of natural light in this home saves on energy costs, brings out the beauty of fabrics and furniture, and even gives an instant boost to your mood!

Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour combination for any home interior can be a challenge, but colour also can be a powerful tool for transforming a plain space into a sensational environment. Artect Design did nothing short of a fantastic job in the utilization of their colour scheme in the OKK House. You may be thinking, well it's just white. What's so special about that? Well, as we mentioned before, it maximizes the natural light in the home, but it also allows for liberal interior design schemes. This house in particular implements the modern design, but if that design were to ever be changed, there's no need to worry about fixing the walls to match the new interior. White goes with every furniture choice and every interior design scheme, from modern to minimalist, from eclectic to Mediterranean, this choice in colour was well thought out.

Room For Two

Before we break away from this magnificent structure, we have one more thing to show you, and that is the incredible carport style garage. This shelter for a cars consists of a roof supported on posts and was built on the side of the house. The spacious interior of the garage could easily fit two large SUVs, or perhaps even three smaller cars with room to spare!

If you are planning to get a house with geometric touches like the in the images above, you will surely get a bunch of inspiration from the stunning OKK House. This house is a great example of how to design a home without sacrificing style or charm. It will undoubtedly stand the test of time in both style and structural endurance. We at homify consider this to be a highly successful project.

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