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We all want to wow our visitors with impeccable interior design, and the best way to do that is to start at the front door. But it's not just the exterior you should be thinking about. What really grabs your guests is the interior entrance. There's a big difference between stepping into a care hallway and being welcomed into an area full of artwork, interesting textures or curious accessories.

To help you fashion a incredible entryway, we've gathered a collection of simple entrance ideas that are perfect for the modern home. From cheap additions to total overhauls, we can guarantee inspiration for all! And what's more, these ideas can be expanded further into your interior to play upon your design scheme.

Enjoy the selection!

1. Sliding doors

First up, we have the ever-classic, totally sophisticated glass door option. Crystal clear sliding doors make a simple, yet powerful statement to your guests. They see an area of simple elegance and high-class taste without a boisterous air. On top of that, it has the surprising functional advantage of creating a wonderful vestibule area that helps keep bugs out.

2. Straight view

If the entrance to your home doesn't offer much space and rather leads directly into your living space, you can use building materials to decorate. This solid timber wall adds a warm, friendly element to the all-white interior. Make sure vases with budding flowers or decorative seating are within view of the front door.

3. Half-way

Studio apartments present many design challenges, but that's nothing a call to an interior designer can't fix. This home was given the perfect entryway by the addition of an iron wall. Semi-transparent due to the phenomenal geometric design pattern, this space gives you a sneak-peak of the home before wowing you with the interior design. The door only covers a part of the entrance, which is a nice alternative to the closed entrance.

4. With furniture

Nothing welcomes your guests more than an area where they can restfully kick off their shoes before the evening entertainment begins. Having a small ottoman where visitors can sit while taking off their shoes and having areas where they can store their coats is a discreet, modish and functional way to make your entrance more attractive.

5. Decorating with purpose

Every good entrance should have some sort of decoration to it. This entrance uses the staircase itself for that. Constructed as unique, hollow blocks, the stairs add a curious element right at the door while also offering an out-of-the-ordinary storage option.

6. Thoughtful art

This entrance uses thought-provoking artwork to make the neutral space more sophisticated. A few table lamps and a small flowering plant add light and life.

7. Special designs with mirrors

People often talk about the aesthetics of adding a mirror to your entrance, but we doubt you've seen mirrors like this. A bunch of small, hexagonal mirrors are clustered together to form a quirky pattern and are all the decoration this space needs. But it does help that the mirrors match the floor pattern.

8. Rich with texture

This entrance uses texture as its decor item. We're used to textures from brick and wood, but this design is something else. It's smooth, sleek and suggests an ultra-modern interior right around the corner.

9. Building materials

This entrance impresses us from the façade. Natural materials combine in perfect harmony to create a warm, modern atmosphere that is decorated with class. 

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Which entrance idea will you use for your home? Let us know below!

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