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14 ideas for custom furniture your carpenter can build for the kids!

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Finding the right furniture for your home can be a real challenge. While vintage furniture can be beautiful and impressive, it's also often expensive and unwieldy, making it a nightmare to move. On the other hand buying new can be cheaper and easier, but it's not always possible to find the exact piece you need to meet your practical needs and match your decor. But never fear, there is of course a third option, and we think it's the best of all.

Getting a carpenter to build you custom furniture is a fantastic way to ensure your home is one of a kind, with unique pieces built to your own specifications and desires, and nowhere is this more useful than when designing a kid's bedroom. Kids have varied needs; they require a lot of storage for clothes as they are constantly outgrowing and wearing through their old ones, they have piles of toys that need a home, as well as a place to play with them, and of course when they're a little bit older they need somewhere to do their homework. The custom furniture we're looking at today was designed to meet those needs and more, so join us to get some inspiration, and then give your local carpenter a call!

1. Beautiful craftsmanship

This gorgeous bunk bed is set apart by the beautiful timber panels and vibrant lime green elements that make it look like it was pulled from the pages of a fairytale. The end of the bed has been turned into a bookshelf, and it's little touches like these that make custom furniture such a great idea, as it saves space in the rest of the room.

2. A cool and contemporary bunk

If you've got kids who share a room but still value their privacy, then this amazing design is perfect, splitting the room into two levels with a set of stairs connecting the two. The stairs are protected by timber slats that act as a decorative element as well as a safety measure, and the space below them has been turned into bookshelves for organising homework.

3. Ready for the newest addition to the family

It's amazing just how many supplies are needed for a baby, and while they may still be a few years off understanding the concept of organisation, a set of shelves like this will make your life a whole lot easier. With mounted box shelves above a desk area that includes a tiny closet for your babies adorable clothes, this custom shelving unit ensures everything is in its right place.

4. Three in one

This clever unit consists of a desk, shelving unit, and couch, all in one, and manages to fit it all into a corner of the bedroom. The bookshelf and desk are perfect for homework, ensuring your kids are productive and well equipped, while the sofa includes shelves below for extra storage.

5. Quaint bunk beds

This is clearly the work of an expert carpenter, featuring immaculate woodwork, and a design inspired by vintage furniture. The steps leading to the upper bunk are more dignified than your traditional ladder, making this the ideal bed for the sophisticated child! The arrangement of a double bed below and single bed up top means you can fit three kids at a stretch when you have family visiting.

6. An adorable twist on the classic bunk bed

This room is full of custom furniture, and the hanging desk looks fantastic, but it's the offset bunk beds that we want to focus on. With natural untreated timber offering a gentle contrast to the hardwood floors, and a delicate railing that protecting the upper bunk, this design is cute, efficient, and effective.

7. A complete set

There's a lot of multifunctional furniture on this list, but another great approach is to get one carpenter to design a whole bedroom set, with everything perfectly measured to fit snugly in the room. This also allows you greater control over the colour palette, as we can see with the orange handles on the shelves and cabinets finding further expression in the cushions, rug, and desk lamp.

8. Putting the fun in functional

Your first priority when designing furniture for the room should be function, and this room is filled with efficient ideas such as the drawers below the bed, the full wall desk, and the mounted box shelf. Then once the room is set up with everything you need you can set about decorating it with fun colours.

9. A miniature mezzanine

You don't need a big room to build a mezzanine level as this adorable design shows. With the bed down below, a mezzanine play area has been built up top, with windows to prevent the kids falling off, and to allow you to keep an eye on them.

10. Storage and closet in one

You can never have too much storage for the kids, but big heavy closets can take up a lot of precious space in a child's room. This design avoids that by combining the bed with the closet and drawers, creating a super functional unit that meets all your needs; even the stairs can be used for storage!

11. Matching the little details

These dynamic doors make for an exciting decor, but they have also been designed to match the interesting mounted shelving unit, which features the same handles, and echoes the colour palette.

12. Charming and elegant loft bed

A loft bed is a great way to free up floor space, and the area below this charming design has been used for bookshelves and a closet. While the design looks simple enough, you'll notice there are lights beneath the bed, showing that this was the work of a thorough and creative carpenter!

13. Work below and rest upstairs

Most of these ideas have younger kids in mind, but this room is ideal for teenagers, with a more mature decor, and a simple, but extremely efficient design that fits a fabulous distraction-free homework area below a loft bed.

14. Ladder to the sky

We again find ourselves in a room where every piece of furniture has been custom built to create a unified whole. The natural timber looks very sweet, especially against the gentle pastels used for the wall decorations. With high ceilings they have one bed on the ground and one suspended a quarter of the way up the wall, while the ladder that connects them continues up to a play area in the attic.

These are certainly some lucky kids, but you can easily replicate this in your own home by showing these ideas to your carpenter. Now that you've got the kid's room sorted out, check out these ideas for your own bedroom!

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